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Making a right decision is a first step towards achieving the set goals. I was very fortunate to quickly realise that the trajectory that I had taken was just a suicide bomb which I had put on my waist.
Doing school work was not in my DNA. Lately, my best friend who had made it his examinations motivated me a lot. Studying hard daily while executing my set objectives became a routine.
I made a foolish thought of trying to dodge school for I was emboldened by gangsters who believed that drugs were a good way of life. I almost took a month absconding my lessons and the worst part of it was that my final exams were around the corner. My negative attitude towards schoolwork was not at all helpful.
When I received the news that my friend had passed his ordinary level exams, I was puzzled and that is when I decided to change my attitude. Since then, I have rejected all undeserved comfort zones as I have realised it is never too late to make things right.
Nurturing myself in reading, I began to consult my teachers whenever I happened to come across difficult concepts. Every time I went to bed, I snuggled my books tightly and they became my best friends. That studying spirit boosted my confidence to the extent of concluding that a key to seventh heaven was now in my hands.
I am excelling well and my attitude towards school work is now commendable. It is a right decision that I made, to devote myself into studying. To the learners out there, this is my message to you: It is never too late to study.

Ashton Jope
Form 4A student at Chifedza High School.
Pupils can write articles, short stories and poems and send to / or send via WhatsApp to Brighton at 0777355808 or Mr. Ziyambi on 0719599606

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