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» » The government needs 1000 Ma-Gate

It is very painful to be poor comrades. I would have wanted to go to Madziva last Sunday to see my hero Oliver Mtukudzi being laid to rest. You know what, according Tuku hero status is the only thing that ED has done since the 2017 coup. For me, I mean kwandiri hangu, thus the only thing that I can clap hands for the humble leader. Lolest, regai ndizvisekere hangu, talking about humbleness, unobva wafunga that interview where the President said the most challenging thing for him so far is to be humble. For a moment, I could not believe myself when I watched the clip. I think you guys need to watch that video clip, the whole President going offside hake, hanzi I am not a no nonsense man but now that I am a President, I can now tolerate nonsense kkk. I thought it was supposed to be vis-versa, you must not tolerate nonsense now mukuru.
 Anyway, I think he was very honest on that one – if you look at the trio running the Ministry of Information uko kuna Mutodi uko, you can agree with ED that now he can tolerate nonsense, had it not that the President tolerates nonsense, the likes of Mutodi could have been fired. Vana Mutodi vangadai vakutopfudza mbudzi vachitamba zvazvo ndombolo dance kumafuro kkk ndiani achada kuona zvakadaro at this age, we are now watching Ma-Gate 50, 60, 70. Talking about Ma-Gate, I actually think this regime needs 1000 Ma-Gate, zvikaramba 2000 or even 5000 zvikaramba kuu. I am serious guys, we have people there who just concentrate on very minor things that continue to tarnish our image as a nation. How can we have government security agents blocking Chamisa from attending Tuku funeral both in Harare and Madziva? Chiya ndicho chidofo chaicho. Even some of us who are considered mipengo would not allow that nonsense to take place; anyway the President openly said he can now tolerate nonsense. How can you do that, traditionally, ndiko kunonzi kupumha uroyika kuya kkk, of course you may talk about protocols, but what protocols paya ndidzo nhema dzisina basa idzodzo munoda mathaza eMa-Gate vanhu imi. As if that was not enough, I see that boy Mutodi is very energetic, just this week aitoti the government can shut down internet again. I think Mutodi haadi Ma-Gate uyu mufana anoda mbama chaiyo, zvikaramba shamhu, zvikaramba mboma. I am not advocating for violence but sometimes I get angry when I look at our government especially the people who can lie without shame and taking the people for granted.
Some of us have never enjoyed town life since the time I came here ku Chitima flea market all the way from Chirimudombo handina kumbobvira ndafara. I survive on rotten bananas everyday just because there is someone who is refusing to make sound policies at government level. I hear they have since started another operation Murambatsvina in Harare, destroying temporary structures. I do not support illegal structures and tsvina but honestly this government hainyare shuwa, where were you when someone was building those structures? Some people were there for years and you left them because you needed their votes but the day they go in the street to demonstrate against you then your response is to destroy their structures. I think we are behaving in a very primitive and barbaric way. Aaah, I say what I want, Mapombi haavanzi, haatyi and haapotsi kkk telling you as it is.  We need professional leaders for this country to prosper.
On professionalism, I am reminded of what some people here at Chitima are saying… it all about this activist turned ward 10 councillor. I am talking about that young man wekumbowatsura kuti council yakutengesa ma stand nyika yose ikafuma yatenga ma lodgers’ card kkk ummm pana Manyanga hanzi dzungu rake rinoda ma gate iwayo atinongohwa. I normally don’t talk about small fish, tuma kapenda matemba utwu haiwawo, I hope his colleagues will give him directions vomuudzawo kuti kuchi border gezi ne mucouncil zvasiyana. I won’t say much today but akaramba achiita zvandinohwa ndichangomutsiurawo next week bhora pasi dzungu haribhadhari. But council must finish projects ayakatanga awandisa, just my prayer request, don’t force me to name them one by one. I don’t want to talk about $ 40 000 paid to CMED for nothing, Mucheke Trunk Sewer line, Foot Bridge, Chimusana, Mucheke D housing scheme, Dump site aaah zvandakutotaura nhai.
Its almost lunch time ndisati ndakanga maputi angu.
Mboko imboko!

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