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» » Zanu PF supporters ruin school gate in stampede for food

Cephas Shava

MWENEZI – A school at Rutenga growth point its ruing its losses after a mob of Zanu PF supporters vandalized the main gate in a frenzied stampede for free food after President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ‘Thank You Rally’ last Saturday.
A restless crowd overwhelmed all security arrangements at Sacred Heart High School, where the free meal was prepared, and wrecked the gate as they scurried for a front space at the feeding queue soon after Mnangagwa left.
TellZim News saw hordes of party supporters recklessly stepping on top of the felled steel barrier as they left the school after enjoying the free lunch.
Sacred Heart High School head, Brother Joachim Kamwana said the gate was indeed broken and expressed confidence the local Zanu PF leadership will help repair it.
“People who were controlling the access point were overpowered by the crowd as everybody jostled to be in front of the queue. As a result of the pressure, the gate’s support pillars failed and people trampled over the gate and gained entry.
“I hope the gate will be repaired as a matter of urgency because the school premises are currently exposed security-wise,” said Kamwana.
Some eyewitnesses deplored the incident, saying it showed the calibre of people who kept on supporting rich politicians when they do not have anything to show of it.
“It was a sight to see. You should have seen the savagery of the jostling; there was no civility at all. Some people sustained scars and bruises all for a plate of food. Why do we keep on supporting these rich politicians that promise everything and deliver nothing when we ourselves are this desperate?” said one local resident.
Another one said political parties should host their events at their own facilities to prevent the abuse and damaging of public and privately-owned properties.

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