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» » » Of Cyclone Tongombeya and the private jets

Honestly I don’t understand these comrades at the helm of this country. I heard a group of people kwedu kuChitima Market expressing disappointment over our president saying he is worse than my dearest Uncle Bob.  Kkkk but I told some of the people that I saw celebrating kuita murambamhuru chaiwo during the coup days ndikati muri kufarira n’anga ichabata mai manje chionai manje zvava kuitika. But Mapombi liked the new nickname they gave our president hanzi Tongombeya kkkkkk. Tongombeya is typically a person who just roams the streets or moving from one place to another for no good reason.  Kkkkkk unongonzwa kuti nhasi uri kuKarzakstan, mangwana kuRussia kuswera mangwana kuDubai asi chabuda hapana. Ko iwo maprivate jets ka awa, kkkk. Hiring a private jet from UAE to take you to Bulawayo. US200 000 gone in a day, yet we have Cyclone Idai victims. Kkkkk kungombeya kani! I will not say much about this Tongombeya guy because we all know how our taxpayers’ money is being wasted.
Of course some not so intelligent councillors like Manyanga will tell you that our president is very productive and the economy is booming. Mapombi thinks that Senganai or Sengerai guy probably has 47 chromosomes – I am sure those who read sciences would understand better when we talk about chromosomes. By the way Mapombi read sciences at high school so ndozvinzwisisa. Anyway, for the benefit of my so called learned friends vakaita maArts  what I am saying is a normal person should have 46 chromosomes – 23 from the father and 23 from the mother; and those with 47 manje panenge paita an extra so unongoona wega kuti kufunga kwacho dzinozomboita senge dzakatamba nepwere. Anyway, what more can one expect from a retired youth officer kkkkk a green bomber. Nhamo ine vakamuvhotera because the guy lacks sanity; he would say anything in a desperate attempt to be seen as the most loyal ED supporter.
But can someone tell me guys munoonawo sei matongerwe ari kuitwa nyika ino. Mapombi will not hesitate to say her opinion kana vachida kundiuraya ngavauye kuChitima Market I don’t care. Even if they shoot me at 45 degrees I don’t care! I think this country is being run by drunkards – what I don’t know is whether these guys vakanwa kirango here, whisky dzinodhura or chisupa chaicho. What I can say is they are drunkards. And the challenge of dealing with drunkards is that they always shift goalposts when they become sober. This is the main reason they are failing to improve the economy; they always talk of mega deals from China and Russia but the results, dhololo.
At first they pretended to be respectful of human rights soon after the military-assisted takeover or coup in short. I am sure they were drunk during that time vanga vakakorwa chaiko. But now that thye are sober, they have shifted goal posts. People are now being persecuted – opposition leaders being arrested, NGOs being suspended and citizens being tortured and raped according to media reports. They are now sober and they are now showing their true colours.
KKKKKK but kablazo kanonzi Hove aka kaDA keMavingo District mukati kakanyatsokwana here kaye? Each time I see the guy I always suspect he is drunk. I know people would say Mapombi anowanza but pane vakambomuonawo here mundipupurire? I am tempted to believe that he is part of these drunkards who are running this country. No wonder why Hove foolishly suspended COTRAD from operating in the district for no apparent reason. But why do we have such overzealous civil servants in these offices? They think they are an extension of Zanu PF yet they are mere civil servants. Mapombi is glad that Judge Matemadanda-Moyo reversed the suspension zvikanzi there are no basis at all for Hove to suspend COTRAD. Thank God that Hove will pay for the legal costs; at least he has to learn the hard way. He is desperate to please Zanu PF nekuita zvisiri pamutemo ndokudhakwa kwacho ka ikoku kwandiri kureva. I wish vanhu vakadai ndivo vanofanira kudzingwa naKedha ava. By the way how is he doing these days? We should pray for Kedha as a nation, please.
Anyway, it’s lunch time guys let me go ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch. I wanted to make donations to those in Chimanimani whose homes were destroyed by cyclone Idai but ndakashaya wekubatisawo maputi angu veduwe. All the same, I want to thank those who managed and who are still donating towards the Chimanimani victims; may the good Lord bless you abundantly. However, it is my prayer that these donations will not be stolen nevanozviti vakangwara zvavo. This is the time I miss people like Mphoko; he was so accountable! We need such people who can account for everything donated. Mboko imboko!

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