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» » » Mwenezi East villagers up in arms against MP Joosbi Omar

MWENEZI - Mwenezi East villagers have condemned their Member of Parliament, Joosbi Omar saying he had done very little to improve the lives of the marginalized families in the constituency.

In racially-charged statements, villagers say they regret electing Omar, a Coloured, into office, claiming he was not in touch with the real issues affecting ordinary people in the constituency.

"The problem is that Omar is a Coloured and as such he does not understand our issues. Cases of pregnant women walking kilometers to fetch water away from the clinic and hospital patients eating sadza with sugar are real. We tried but in vein to engage the MP but since he won the elections he became slippery,” said one villager.
Responding to questions from TellZim News regarding these issues and others that include his apparent failure to fix the water crisis in Chingwizi, Omar said those who were not happy with his pace were insignificant.
He heaped contempt on the growing dissatisfaction with his performance, saying he was pleased with his own work and will therefore not listen to ‘two or six’ villagers.
He also accused people of being ungrateful for the work he claimed to have done, saying on many occasions he used his own money to help others.
In the run-up to the harmonised elections last year, Omar promised many things including bringing an end to the suffering of Chingwizi people who have lived without easy access to many basic needs including potable water.
Ndezve kwavo izvo. I still have five years to prove a point. So I am not worried by two or six people who are politicking. I have done a lot for the people of Mwenezi so for someone to complain is simple politicking and not politics,” said Omar.
This week, TellZim News ran a story about pregnant women in Chingwizi being sent to fetch their own water at a borehole as Chingwizi Clinic, the only health facility in the expansive area, does not have water three years after the clinic was opened.
After numerous complaints that Omar and other authorities are failing to hold businessman Billy Rautenbach to account for his violation of villagers’ rights by denying them access to water and grazing, Omar promised to find an urgent solution but little has happened to date.
When asked about when he will fulfill his promises and ensure that people do not continue to be squeezed by Rautenbach’s exploitative business practices, Omar resorted to blame-shifting.
“It is Billy, not me, who is the one who is being stubborn. He, not me, promised to give people access to grazing but he did not fulfill that. He, not me, promised to give people water but he again didn’t do it. I have in many instances used my own money to help people but it is not the duty of an MP to spend their own money on constituents. After all, you can’t please everybody.
“Those who think they can cause malice and de - campaign me ahead of 2023 can forget it. The ground is open and we will see who will be defeated,” said Omar.
On recent media revelations of serious nutritional deficiencies at Neshuro Hospital which has seen patients being fed on sadza and sugar, Omar said he was concerned with more pressing issues like servicing the ambulance fleet.
“I have found donors from South Africa who will repair five ambulances. That is one of the many other issues I am attending at the hospital,” Omar said.
He, however, refused to say who the donors were and when could the work be expected to be done.
Many people, however, say Omar was good at empty talk and they regretted electing him into office.
“He promised much but hasn’t done much. We made a mistake by electing an outsider during our primary elections and letting down our own people with homes in Mwenezi East. Omar is an outsider and is not in touch with our genuine needs.
“If he was active enough in communities and even in parliament, we could be seeing at least one school being built especially here where pupils are learning under trees. Most of our primary schools here are satellite schools with no classrooms and benches,” said a villager in Ward 13, who claimed to be a member of Zanu PF.

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