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» » » Conflict over control of St Engenas Zivavose High

Brighton Chiseva

ZAKA – The Chikato and Mawewe families are at each other’s throats over custodianship of Zivavose High, creating serious fissures that are having serious implications on cohesive administration of the school.
Parents have begun to complain that the school was no longer serving the interests of pupils and parents due to endless squabbles.
The family members are divided as to who should be recognised as the responsible authority and they accuse each other extorting the 10 percent of the school proceeds which the responsible authority must get.
One of the groups, led by Alletah Chikato, claims that Phanuel Fana Chikato, who is the Archbishop of a breakaway church called St Engnas ZCC Rugare, is side-lining other family members.
Alletah, who took over from Maxwell Mawewe as education secretary, and her group is alleged to have tried to close down the school a few weeks ago in a bid to force the head to recognise them as the responsible authority and Chikato as the education secretary.
Zaka District Schools Inspector (DSI) Samson Chidzurira confirmed the troubles at the school but was quick to say they had no power to interfere.
Provincial Education Director (PED) Zadius Chitiga said the families should come together and resolve their differences then appoint an inclusive responsible authority board which they will present to the ministry.
“The families are disturbing the smooth running of the school. They should sit down and unite, form the responsible authority board which will then be presented to the ministry and we will work with that,” said Chitiga.
Other disgruntled family members accused Phanuel of fraudulently annexing the school using an illegitimate responsible authority board formed a few years ago under his church which was formed as recently as 2014.
“Initially the school was not under the ZCC. It was only named under ZCC for smooth registration as the then colonial government did not approve blacks to own schools. However, Fana formed and registered his school under the new name in 2014 after the death of his father and forged documents and claimed that the school is under his church,” one family member said
She said building of the school began in the 1970s but it opened in 1982, adding that the church and the school were two different entities.
“Fana is forcing himself onto the school under the guise of the church thereby depriving the rest of the family board members their inheritance rights of ownership,” she said.
When contacted for comment Phanuel dismissed all allegations against him, saying he was not getting any financial benefit from his role.
“It’s all lies. I am not getting any money from the school though it belongs to my church. My father was the responsible authority before he died and now that I am in charge of the church meaning the church I lead is the responsible authority. The matter is before the courts and I will wait for the outcome,” he said.

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