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Kkkkkkkk kana zvakadaro maPhD acho itai mega ini zvangu Mapombi ndombomira. I don’t envy to be a doctor (PhD) anymore. At first Mapombi thought chinongoriwo chirimi zvacho which makes him fail to pronounce certain words properly. Saying Regacy instead of Legacy, Racto pachinhambo chaLacto, it wasn’t really an issue for me to be honest. But Mapombi now doubts Kedha after he failed to construct a meaningful sentence recently kkkkk kuseka nhamo serugare. Kuzoita serious kani hanzi, We won’t…we will make sure it will work, will not work. No it will work, you will not work. Simple. Kwakubva dzatoturika hadzo magirazi adzo kuita sedzaseva kkkk nhamo.
 Haaa Mapombi is of course a Grade 7 dropout thanks to Zanu PF yakatsakatisa penjeni yababa vangu mugore ra2008, but handisati ndakambonzwa chirungu chakadai ini upenyu hwangu hwese. Even my English teachers vekuPrimary ikoko vaChihabu naMugabe they were far much better than Kedha.
But Mapombi thinks Kedha is not so educated and is lucky to have graduated with a doctorate from a reputable university in South Africa. Of course the qualification can be contested after Prof Jonso claimed that mukuru waiitirwa PhD. Kkkkk but those who care to remember can testify that the draft pages which Jonso leaked on social media of Kedha’s thesis were very telling kuti pari kuitwa nedofo . There were a lot of serious and silly grammatical mistakes.
Anyway, English cannot be used to measure one’ intelligence but zvimwe zvinozonyanya so. But I want to advice Kedha that economy haide hasha iyi. There is no need to be emotional about the economy. All that is needed are policies that are investor friendly not ma it will not work, it will work aya.
Tsvangirai chakasiya chakuudzai kuti you can rig the elections but you cannot rig the economy. Nhasi chionai patava varume. All they are good at is issuing threats knowing that the people are not happy. Kamfana Chamisa munokashora henyu but I think if we give him a chance that little man has the potential to make us dream again. Nyika inodirwa sugar iyi varume and Mapombi can tell you that tinomuka takarohwa nembovha yemufaro mangwanani –ngwanani. Tinenge torova reverse jive nekunakirwa nenyika iyi varume.
There is nothing we can expect from this rivhorusheni gentlemen. We are in serious trouble. Ukaona kuno kuChitima ndakushaiwa chero mabanana akaora it means things are not well. We are being led by blind people and they are taking us into the abyss. We have reached a point of no return and I feel sorry for the younger generation because as long as Zanu PF remains in power, they will grow grey hair without even touching a pay slip.
I wish I had the power to tell President Trump to remove the so called sanctions for a month timboona kuti zvinodii. Hakuna masanctions atiri kunyeperwa nezvawo aya varume, tiri kubatwa kumeso. They just want to justify their failures by hiding behind sanctions. Kana akambobviswa zvingatifadza timbobata matofo edu.
Chedu Mr Ibu unoona kutokaka tsinga nedzekugotsi heeee America has to remove sanctions heee every patriotic person should call for the removal of sanctions heee let’s go and camp at the American embassy kkkk zvakaoma. Tell the people the truth please Mr Ibu. Sanctions have set conditions for them to be removed. Address those and we will see from there. America does not need us but we need them so we have to play by their rules. Mr Ibu should be telling President Mnangagwa and Kheda to make the necessary reforms otherwise it will work will not work. No. It will work, you will not work. Simple.
Asi kuroora mwana mudiki time time hakuna kunaka kkkkk. Kheda ndakaona zvino musoro waiswa dye hameno hanzi zvidii. A whole Vice President to be made to look like a clown like that, but why Mary. Mwari ave newe mwana iwe.
Anywhere I have said a lot but I heard ZCTU and Chamisa are promising demonstrations and I support them completely. I don’t want a demonstration where we will go home at the end of the day. I want a sit-in like they are doing in Sudan. We will not go anywhere until we achieve our goals. The voice of the people is the voice of God and that voice will soon be loud enough.
Regai ndinokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch before ndanzi ndotaurisa. Ngatisangane muchikamu chinotevera but always remember, It will work, will not work. Simpuru kkkkk. Mboko imboko.

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