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» » Demonstrations will not work, simple!!

Someone posed a very difficult question to Mapombi and to be honest I took my time scratching my head in search of an answer. It was not an easy question and I wondered why someone would ask me that but once I found an answer to it, I realised that there was no hope for an ordinary Zimbabwean. I was asked if given that one chance to change anything in this country, what would it be. Ndakakwenya musoro ndikashaya kuti ndopindura ndichiti chii nekuti pane avinhu zvakawanda zvandinofunga kuti need to be changed for our people to hope again.
I then realised that this country has only one problem which has multiplied and affected every sector like a disease. If Mapombi’s answer is anything to go by, my fellow countrymen would have a taste of Vision 2030. Vanhu vakangwa nenhamo vakomana. Ikozvino usaita hako mistake yekudenha vanhu kunyanya uchitaura zveZanu PF unogona kukaruka wagarwa nechibhakera kkkkkk. Zanu PF chiwororo shamhu ine munyu and imagine 2030 tinenge tichinayo kkkk.
I ask God to give Zimbabweans power and strength to accept things they cannot change. The more time we waste in trying to fight fate the worse it becomes for us. After all, it does not matter who is at the State House whether Dambudzo or Chamisa because if you do not do anything to change your situation right now no one will come and do it for you. We have to accept the bitter reality that Zanu PF is a tried and tested brand panyaya dzekusada kubva pachigaro. Iye ndiani angada kubva pahuchi nemukaka. They make you poor so that they can buy you easily and vote for them. Zanu PF thrives on our suffering and they do not want us to prosper because they would no longer use their vote buying techniques on us.
Vana mbuya vangu vari kwaChirimudombo uko havadi kana kunzwa zvaChamisa because they were told kuti Zanu PF ndiwo musimboti weupenyu. Zanu PF is popular kumusha jealous down kkkk. They invest in the rural electorate and kutown hauvaoni because they know havadikwi. Vakasiira Chamisa matown ese ivo kwakunoti zete zvavo kumusha kune the deciding vote. Ndakazonzwa Biti choti we need a strategy to lure the rural vote after Zanu PF yarakasha vanhu kuma by-election uko kkkk. KuMDC hakuna strategy kana imwe ask Mthuli Ncube.
Mthuli ikozvino ndiye chief strategist kuZanu PF. His mission is simple: make them suffer. And we are suffering. Mthuli atisveta ropa vakomana. Chingwa, sugar, mafuta muchazviviva here. Zanu youya hayo with their community bakeries and hakuna anoda kusarira on those projects. Who wins? It is Zanu PF because they create problems and they come up with stupid solutions which will appeal to many stupid people. I say stupid because the majority of people you see walking around formally dressed have a missing fifth sense or a misfiring one.
Then we have a whole nation both young and old who are looking up to Chamisa to be their knight in shining armour kkkkk. Chamisa wenyu uyu I don’t trust him hangu ini personally because he lacks the aggressiveness needed to confront musangano unotonga. Musangano uyu unoyera, uchatonga ugotonga vanovukura vachingovukura. Talking of strategy, how can MDC repeat the same mistake over and over again? Demonstrations against Zanu PF dzakamboitwa but hapana chakabuda. Zanu PF izhou haingatadziswi kufamba neimbwa yavukura.
The last time we had protests people were shot dead at 40 degree angles. That is when I realised that Dambudzo is as ruthless as they say, they don’t call him crocodile for nothing. Now Chamisa wants to lead our peace loving Zimbabweans into the jaws of the crocodile again kkkk. Ini hangu Mapombi handiuyiko. Matemadanda akati kana mukangopinda mustreet tinokudashurai and hakuna zveminimum force. Hameno havo vanoda kunzwira pamuviri setsvimbo yarova dapi. You can call people into the streets but at the end of the day we need results. Zanu PF is way ahead of you imi vanhu veMDC. Why do you think the police did not have any problems with your protests and rushed to clear it? You will do the demonstrations with police security and you will deliver your petitions and you will go back home. Then you think Zanu PF will fear that. If you become violent the army will be on stand-by to crush you.
Think of another strategy which has not been used before because the people are tired of being disappointed in the end. We all know the endgame if we go into the streets. Ini Mapombi zvakatondiomerawo but I am smart enough to see pandinoda kunochekereswa. People may come to the MDC demonstration on the first day but if it fails to yield any positive result that will be the end of Chamisa. Chamisa should not make a dangerous assumption that the current economic hardships are affecting everyone in the same way. We are all affected in different ways which makes our anger towards the system different. Good luck to all those who will go into the streets, Mapombi will be watching from a distance. It’s not a crime to be a coward but I would rather be that than a dead hero.
Before I go, I heard Khedha is in serious trouble maybe ndiyo ngozi yevaya vekupfurwa at 40 degrees angle kkkk. Justice inouya in varying ways amana inga zvakaoma. Let’s pray for our beloved VP sechikumbiro chaED. Ko iye Khedha vasipo kudai varegerei havo kumbodana Mphoko asana kubatira? Inga basa anotrigona wani Kkkk. Regai ndinokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch kana kudya mabanana akaora zvangu. Mboko imboko. 

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