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» » » Of the dull Masvingo PROPOL and cops

My fellow Zimbabweans Covid19 is real and I urge everyone to stay safe and avoid unnecessary movements. Mapombi thought we could contain this disease together considering the timely lockdown and other measures put in place by our government.
But for Masvingo I think all government efforts are being sabotage by our police. I don’t blame the junior officers in Masvingo who are abusing and harassing all other stakeholders who are giving critical essential services as stated in the Statutory Instrument (SI83), but the problem is the man at the helm – murume anonzi Ass Comm Taonei Nyazema the Officer Commanding Masvingo Province.
Mapombi thinks the man is dull; I once heard him bragging that ndakapinda basa nekumhanya saka chikoro chishoma. And for sure the many is not so intelligent zvekuti kana maCertificates echikoro ainawo ndezvekunyorerwa sana Kedha.  We know these self-proclaimed war vets think they are the most important people on earth manje isu vana Mapombi hatikendenge.
Mapombi is baffled with the way journalists are being treated by these cops vekupinda basa nekumhanya ava. Nyazema thinks he is the only person who can fight Covid19 single handedly with his bunch of uneducated cops. Kkkkkkk baba vangu iwe kungongwarira chihure tidzikamirei. Munhu wepi asingade kuona madhirezi kuda kunyengawo neni Mapombi haunyare wakaita Seiko nhai Nyazema? Mapombi will not allow the whole province to be frustrated in the fight against Covid19 simply because of one uneducated Cop who thinks ndivo chete vakangwara. 
The media play an important role of informing and educating our people about this pandemic. Many people are relying on false information they get on social media and the mainstream media is there to correct by giving credible information but ndopaunoona mapurisa achingosunga vatori venhau.
Suprisingly even the police officers are ignorant; they are moving in trucks in large numbers and they are manning roadblocks with no protective clothing at all risking all the junior officers and their families. Instead of addressing all these challenges and make sure the cops have enough protective clothing, Nyazema is busy giving instructions kuti sungai maVendors emaNewspaper and journalists in the province. Munotoda muteuro baba imi nekuti dzenyu handione senge dzakati kwesere ini.
They can abuse journalists but inini Mapombi hamundikwanise; you closed Chitima market but nanhasi ndakangosarapo ende ndiri kuaiteyi mabanana akaora akasiwa nevarimi. I heard you have harassed all the journalists from TellZim, The Mirror, to freelancer but I am sure the guys are not even deterred and not even afraid to do their work.
We want a responsible police that understands that there are other stakeholders who are key in fighting this pandemic. We cannot have police leadership that instruct junior cops to harass all journalists from private media. That’s bad Nyazema and that must stop forthwith. Kana muchida kundisunga huyai kuChitima tipedzerane ndiri kutokanga maputi angu for lunch.
Anyway, its lunch time guys let me go ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch but before I go let me emphasis that Nyazema sungira imbwa dzako. Mapombi knows kuti dzako dzinenge dzakatotambawo nevana but please be warned. Let the media and others giving essential services not harassed with your cops.
 Mboko imboko!

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