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» » A schoolboy’s advice to the youth

Admire Mukwengwe

In life, there are ups and downs that cause many people to become nervous instead of sticking to their courage in times of such instability. Many young people usually waiver their original personalities and their true identities because of such circumstances as financial crisis, poverty and peer pressure.

Financial crisis usually affect those who have to look after family members; providing needs and wants but it also affects young people who also look up to their parents and guardians for their upkeep and wellbeing. In many cases, people become depressed when they find themselves facing financial challenges, resulting in suicide or anti-social behaviour.

Similarly, many teenagers nowadays resort to drug abuse as well as immoral and promiscuous behaviour thereby exposing themselves to Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

The advice here is that peer pressure and the inner urge to experiment must not be one’s source of defilement and destruction.

It is hereby encouraged that young people have to learn to stick to their principles and not deviate from them regardless of the difficulties of the moment as all situations do come and go at the right time.

In times of economic pressure, some young people engage in prostitution if they are female, and theft and robbery if they are male. These are some of the surest ways to ruin and to a life of serious trouble and dissatisfaction.

It is a fact that unfortunate things do happen in life but it must also be remembered that such circumstances are not necessarily of one’s own making.

Difficult circumstances must therefore be handled with solemnity while acceptable ways of getting out are devised.

The writer is an ‘A’ Level pupil at Corridors of Hope Academy, Dzivarasekwa Extension, Harare.

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