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What a week it has been. We have seen a lot of developments in our country and on a positive note, we hear that Covid-19 seems to have taken the lite form in our country. What we have here is Covid-19 lite kkkk. We have to thank God for that otherwise dai yakauya zvine mutsindo tingadai takapera tese. Ko taipabuda sei isu vana Mapombi tichirarira maputi nekudya mabanana akaora. Chitima chakavhura and Mapombi is very excited but rotten bananas are difficult to come by these days saka zhara irikutonditambisawo chamutengure. Were it not for Zanu PF I would be leading a better life. Zanu PF ruined my life and now they want to force Mapombi and other like-minded people to be patriotic kkkk seka hako mwana wekwa Chirimudombo. Patriotism ndiyo iyoyi yatiri kutoita. We speak truth to power. Papa JC muriko here uko kkkk. But I don’t quite understand Papa JC. He always speaks when things are not good but kana vana Mthuli vagonawo basa he decides not to be patriotic kkkk.

Money changers how are you doing. I never thought I would say this but allow me to say good going to the useless Prof Mthuli. Chimuchinda ichi chinomboonera hacho though chiri slow most of the times. Mapombi always gives credit where it is due. This time around Mthuli and his goons at the RBZ have tried to stabilize our currency and money changers are crying. Money changers were causing serious inflation but Mthuli chazviramba. Hanzi Stop it kkkk. Dr Gire varipiko these days. I just hope she is well wherever she is. Now Prof Mthuli, I know you have given a false value to our useless bond notes, RTGS or whatever you call them and it is working. You have managed to control the rate and it is working. Prices have stabilized yes but they are too high. Stabilizing beyond our reach does not help anyone. You forced the rate down but you left us at the mercy of price madness. Mitengo yakachakwira and you need to address that and force them down. Force is the only thing that Zanu PF understands saka force the prices down. Command pricing kkkk. What happened to those silo shops, garrison shops and subsidized nonsense kkkk. That’s Zanu PF for you.

Mapombi cannot talk good about Prof Mthuli without being overwhelmed by the negatives. This stupid professor always talks about surplus what what. I thought Covid-19 would rid us of Mthuli but I don’t see that happening because the man is very cautious. He wears a face shield, face mask, glasses and gloves to protect himself yet our people vanopihwa micheka nemadhende eZanu PF hanzi pfekai izvozvo. Mthuli I want you to know that you cannot talk of budget surplus when you are not giving people their dues. It’s like a father buys a loaf of bread for his family of ten then gives each member a single slice then he says the remaining slices are surplus kkkk. You cannot say chingwa chiri kusara iyo mhuri ichifa nenzara. You cannot talk of surplus when our civil servants are earning peanuts, money which cannot even sustain them for two weeks. Ndinobviro taura chokwadi nevakomana vekwamudzviti kkkk but Van Choga ndiye mumwe mupengo chaiye. Inhamo inoita kuti mayouth edu aite sana Van Choga. Hanzi baba vari kubasa ipo paya. Hello Mwari, Zanu PF yatinetsa Mwari.

Mapombi is very angry at Zimbabweans. We are not yet ready for change. Ask Hopewell and Jacob. These guys decided to go against the system and look what happened to them. They thought they had the backing of all Zimbos little did they know that we are all cowards. Don’t say Mapombi arikuda kuita dampen people spirits but someone has to tell the truth. If you were to ask me I would say regai Zanu PF itonge iyi kkkk. Izwi ravanhu izwi raYahwe rinoreva utongi hwejekerere, baba Mnangagwa tongai Shumba tongai Murambwi kkkkk. Machinja muriko here uko. I know pane arikuvira nehasha izvozvi but Mapombi says it without fear or favour. MDC will never rule this country until they all join Zanu PF and change it from within. Musangangano unotonga weZanu PF will arrest, torture and kill anyone anoda kukura musoro. Kurauone ikozvino ayuwira arimo muRemand and yet haana mhosva. This is the Zanu PF you have to face head on kwete zvekurova shumba nembama zvamunoda kuita izvi. Mapombi will never rise up against Zanu PF. I will vote for Chamisa and if Zanu PF decides to take my vote and make it theirs then so be it. We will have to wait another five years until taziva kuti nyika ine nhoroondo. Our time will come but regai ava vanozviti vakarwa hondo vambopedza shungu vozotipawo.

If you are in any way close to Hopewell Chin'ono and Jacob Ngarivhume and you love them, please tell them that they stand no chance against Zanu PF. Two men or ten or a hundred men fighting Zanu PF stand absolutely no chance. They are wasting their time. Their hearts are in the right place but nothing will come out of it except pain for their families and loved ones. There is being brave and then there is being stupid. You can’t let down a few drops of water in an empty pool and then dive into it when thousands of liters are required to make it full. Where millions are needed, less than 10 show up. Hopewell, Jacob and the few people fighting Zanu PF are better off investing their efforts in what will benefit their families, like everyone else is doing. In Zimbabwe its one man for himself. That is the truth. Unonzwa vanhu vachiti ndife zvangu, anosara achichengeta vana vangu ndiani. It’s not fair. Its better tingosiya Zanu yacho ichitonga pane kuti vanhu vatatu ndovoirwisa vokuvadzwa while we cheer from the Twitter streets. The crocodile is not as soft as wool. The most difficult thing for ED is being humble and now he has blown the gasket kkkk. Zimbos believe that it is better to be a coward than to be a dead hero. Hopewell, Jacob, Kurauone and a handful of others please go back to your families and look after them. This fight is not worth it. Mapombi is very disappointed in Zimbos. Let us suffer from hunger, Covid-19 and Zanu PF.

But Zanu PF inombopererwa so. For long, they said MDC wants to reverse the gains of the liberation struggle by giving back land to the whites. Mapombi, being patriotic, saw nothing wrong with that move because isu hatina chatinogona. Varungu vaiva nefocus and we were the bread basket of Africa but look what happened when we took the farms. We destroyed everything turning the bread basket into a begging basket. All the farms have become unproductive and most people are too smart to work on the land they grabbed. Some have more than ten farms but chinorimwa hapana. Kurima bundo chete as if tinodya bundo. I do not know what ED is up to by his recent move to give back land to the whites. They are trying to make some clarifications trying to sanitise the whole issue but the truth is ED arikuda kutengesa nyika. Mugabe should be turning from his grave. This is not what we died for. Why is ED so eager to make peace with strangers while ignoring his own? Wambopedza kutaurirana naChamisa here nhai ED zvawakuda kupa varungu ivhu? I bet Shiri would not have agreed to this. Shiri would have fought this move but what do we know, he is dead. ED stop betraying your people. Take farms from those who are unproductive and give them kunesu vana Mapombi. We have the potential but hatina pekushandira. No one should hold land for speculative purposes. Give land to your people and support them kwete kungofunga kuba chete. I have said enough regai ndinokanga zvangu maputi for lunch. Mboko imboko.


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