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VP Chiwenga where are you? Huya pano blazo iwe. Who do you think you are? What is wrong with leaders in this country? They all do things which are illegal and think they can get away with it. Mapombi is here to tell you that nadha pachiputukezi. VP Chiwenga kana manzi mava health minister hazvina kunzi makuita yamada nhaika. This country has a constitution and should be followed by everyone. Where did you get the power to suspend all by-elections? Isu vana Mapombi tanga tatoti maybe the learned Dr Chiwenga had consulted and his proclamation was legally binding little did we know that zvaingova zvemusoro waVP Chiwenga. Hanzi hazviiti General Chiwenga. Zvamakataura zviya hazvina maturo. We want by-elections and zvenyu zvekuda kuhwanda behind Covid-19 ngazvipere nhaika. By-elections should be done as per the constitution. Cde Mangwana Pauro why don’t you tell these guys that the constitution must be followed. Mwonzora said that constitutions are legal chains we make in our moments of sobriety to bind us in our moments of madness. VP Chiwenga that was your moment of madness and I am happy makabatwa musati maenda kure. Chetewo muZim hapana anotevedzera mutemo even in opposition. Tsvangirai chaiye appointed three vice presidents against his own party constitution saka Zanu PF inotadza neiwo kuita madiro ajojina.

One thing I want you to understand dear readers is that Zanu PF does not just make blunders. Everything is perfectly calculated to fit a certain agenda and unfortunately very few people can see the bigger picture. Chamisa and other Cdes in the opposition were given a bone to chew on while Zanu PF strategises. Zanu PF has done its primary elections in many constituencies and is prepping up for DCC elections but vana Chamisa were busy crying why Chiwenga banned by-elections indefinitely. Instead of Chamisa and his Cdes focusing on primary elections they were busy channeling their energy on the banned by-elections. Ko munoenda seiko kuby-election musina kusvika nekumaprimary. Do primary first and then cry for by-elections later. Now that Chiwenga anzi haana power rekumisa by-elections makutanga kuda kufunga about primary elections when Zanu PF is now focused on by-elections. Baba vebenzi havana mufaro kkkkk. We all know that Zanu PF will use whatever situation to their advantage and most of you do not see that Covid-19 is Zanu PF’s trump card. They will use Covid-19 to their advantage but a lot of people do not see this bigger picture. I want to ask you dear readers kuti which lockdown level are we on at the moment. Hapana anoziva and we are living our lives as if everything is normal. The government has to come clean on which lockdown level we are at so that tigare taziva. Zvinhu ngazvingova pachena seyokera yamukanya. We last heard that there is a curfew but no one enforces it anymore. Zanu PF will remind us that there is a lockdown when it best suits them. Musazoti Mapombi haana kukuudzai.

Mapombi was happy to see that our beloved leader Cde Dambudzo was here on official government business. Remember he is the chancellor of all state universities and this time he came to Masvingo for GZU graduation. How will ED know the problems faced by Mapombi and a million other Zimbabweans if he is not given the chance to come face to face with our poverty? The road leading to the GZU graduation venue was properly patched and widened just to give ED a false picture kuti aone searikugona kutonga. Hapana zvamuri kugona Cde. You are destroying the country let Mapombi tell you the truth. These so called people are lying to you and things are not well in the country. Mapombi was so infuriated by this cop hanzi anonzi Chipfakacha. Kamukadzi kaya kanoshaya anoroya zvife. That woman is so disrespectful and corrupt I tell you. She makes it into the hall of fame for corrupt people in Masvingo. Mapombi saw this Chipfakacha woman achizvinzwa kuti ndiye ED chaiko. Kushungurudza vabereki vedu hanzi hamuna face masks. Wakavapa mask dzacho here iwe Chipfakacha. Why do you find pleasure in tormenting Mapombi’s people? I heard you support Chamisa futi that is why you are always angry kkkkk. Manje Chamisa haatongi nyika ino bvunza Job Sikhala. Unongotamburawo sevamwe iwe Chipfakacha saka dzikamisa hana yako. Leave vabereki vedu alone. What do you benefit by throwing an old man in the back of a police car yakanzi Gutu and force him to part with $500. Inobvepi mari yacho. Iwe hautorinawo kana cent in your pocket nxaaah unobhowa iwe Chipfaks. Our people are hungry and they will faint vakaswera vakaputira miromo. And to make matters worse the puppies you were with asked for a cut from some lady so that she could be let free. I am watching you iwe Chipfakacha Stop It. No to corruption. I once told you and I thought you had repented but ndiri kuona kuti old habits die hard. Vana Chihuri vakazodzingwa sembwa ramba uchiita hako mhepo dzako idzodzo. Ndonzi Mapombi ini ndofira kureva. Vanoti pasi naChipfakacha simudzai maoko kkkkk ndiri kutamba hangu. But hatidi vanhu vanoita corruption please.

Vanhu veMDC nhasi ndinemi. What is this talk about participating kuCongress yaKhupe? Chii chiri kuitika kuna Chamisa can someone balance me here quickly. Chamisa said he wants nothing to do with Khupe and team but now Mapombi akunzwa kuti Chamisa is rallying his people to go to the congress. What is going on? Am I the only one lost here? Munoda kuenda kucongress kupi imi makati mava neparty yenyu inonzi MDC Alliance. This congress is only for those who believe in Khupe and Mwonzora. Vanu vaChamisa please stay away from the Khupe congress. You said you are not part of their team saka please don’t show us your hypocrisy by vacillating and wavering. We know you do not have any strategy and all you are good at is complain and complain. ED has failed and we need to look up to Chamisa as part of the solution not the problem. My brother Nero you need to look at the people surrounding you and do a serious introspection on whether they want you to lead this country or not. I like Job Sikhala because he is a sharp shooter and he is right. Popularity does not take you the state house shamwari. I do not remember the last time Zanu PF was popular but they are ruling us. Kutonga kwaro kkkkk. This politics of populism does not bring about the intended results trust me Nero. Listen to Sikhala. Do not say I did not warn you because right now Zanu PF has managed to keep you busy and forget that there is an election coming in 2023. You are busy fighting with Mwonzora and Khupe and Zanu PF is busy consolidating its power kumamisha uko. Pamberi nepfumvudza kkkkkk. Hanzi inonzi dhiga udye but Mapombi would like to call it dhiga ufe. Munofira mahara muchichera makomba enyu ayo hapeno henyu. Mapombi anozivei hake munongomuti mupengo but this pfumvudza thing has been practiced a long back but Zanu PF makes it sound like they have launched something out of this planet.

 Zanu PF does not have any bright ideas. Angabvepi mazano pana Chinamasa paya kkkk. That man is next to useless. Hapana chinoziikanwa other than kungohakira zvaasingazivi. I have said enough regai zvangu ndinokanga maputi angu for lunch but before I go I want to tell VP Mohadi kuti musadaro Cde muri munhu wekuziva. I saw you on TV muchipa imwe chembere iri confined to a wheelchair stand kuNemanwa uko munoti inovakwa nei. That old lady does not even have a single cent to her name and you give her a stand. Munoda adii nayo? Zavakangofanana with these useless MPs vanopa vanhu day old chicks voti itai projects but do not supply the feed. The feed is more expensive than the chicks. Maticha muriko here uko, rambai makadzvanya kkkkk. Regai ndinokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch. Mboko imboko.

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