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» » » Nyakunhuwa clansmen petition Govt over ‘stolen chieftaiship'


The families say the Baramanza clan has no legitimate right over the Nyakunhuwa throne

Brighton Chiseva

ZAKA – Five houses with a stake in the Nyakunhuwa Chieftainship has united and petitioned authorities over what they regard as the irregular imposition of the Baramanza family into their chieftaincy, TellZim News has heard.

The houses claim that only them have the legitimate right to choose and agree on who sits on the Nyakunhuwa throne.

For the past few years, each of the Mutsvangwa, Mutonhori, Mututuvare, Murembwa and Machingambi families prepared for a chance to choose the substantive chief to replace Courage Mashavave who has acted as chief since 2016 following the death of his father Jerera Wafanaka Mashavave a year earlier.

In their petition handed to the offices of the Zaka District Coordinator (DDC), the Provincial Development Coordinator (PDC), the Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs and the Provincial Chief’s Council, the Nyakunhuwas claim that the Baramanza house’s claim to the throne was illegitimate.

After deliberations held at Mudavanhu Primary School recently, Zaka DDC Memory Dhliwayo announced that the chieftainship had been awarded to the Baramanza family thus angering the other families that felt the decision was wrong.

They said the founding chief, who is their forefather, had five sons whose descendants are the legitimate ruling families and they do not include the Baramanza family whom they claim is descended from the one of the founding chief’s brothers.

“The Nyakunhuwa clan does hereby bring to your attention the stolen chieftainship by the Baramanza clan in Zaka district through fraudulent means thereby depriving us our legitimate birthright.

“Nyakunhuwa derive its name from the heroics of a highly-decorated strategist and military genius named Chamagwenjere who defied his health ailments when his back oozed worms but soldiered on. The wounds oozed an unbearable smell hence the moniker Nyakunhuwa.

“Our forefather fought and established his own territory hence it will be very unfair to share the spoils with his brothers and cousins who did not even bother to partake in his struggles,” reads part of the letter.

They claim that Chamagwenjere was son to Donoro whose brother Muyengwa is the forefather of the Baramanza clan.

Donoro himself was son to Svazvi and the contemporary Baramanza clan – as well as others such as Chakanyuka and Chipato – are descended from Muyengwa and, therefore, have no legitimate right to a ruling class established by Chamangwenjere.

“In the entire history of the of this chieftainship, only the above mentioned sons have enjoyed turns of the throne, this would be the first time our Chieftainship is being given to a stranger,” reads the petition

From the papers which they claimed were obtained from the National Archives, the throne went to Mukazi who was from the Murembwa family after the death of Chamangwenjere. It later on moved to Matorevhu, of the Machingambi family, who held it until 1920.

The chieftainship remained in Machingambi family under Mafuratidze who reigned until 1941 and was replaced by Mashawi who acted until he died in 1944.

Chiwoniwoni from Mutsvangwa family took over until 1971 and his son Hakurimwe was acting chief until he was replaced by Zimunga who was also from the Machingambi family.

From 1975, the chieftaincy went to Dzviti of the Mututuvare family, who reigned until 2004 only to be replaced by Mashavave from Machingambi family who reigned until his death in 2015.

The disgruntled families claim that the archival material show that the Mutonhori family had never held the chieftainship and is a better option than the Baramanzas.

The Nyakunhuwa chieftainship kingmaker (zigadzi) Godfree Muzvimwe said the baramanza family bribed their way into the royalty and they do not deserve to the there.

“We think the DCC and the chief’s council representatives were bribed. The matter started way back before the beginning of the tenure of the current DCC. The preceding DCC was bribed by the Baramanza family,” said Muzvimwe, implicating immediate former DCC Ndeya Nyede.

TellZim News had not managed to get Nyede’s side of the story by the time of publishing.

They equated themselves to the Biblical 12 tribes of Israel, whom they said were now being unfairly robbed of their heritage by the descendants of Esau.


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  1. Paushe vanhu vanorambana kwabwakatangira chaiko kwavakutonzi havafaniri kuhugara futi but ndovaridzi vabwo

  2. The chieftainship was always in the Machingambi family. Ndovaridzi vahwo