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» » » School teacher survives Covid -19, shares experience


Lindiwe Munatsi

…saved by anti-biotics, zumbani and mufandichimuka

Brighton Chiseva

GUTU – A Dewure High School teacher who tested positive for Covid-19 and spent over a week taking antibiotics and drinking traditional herbs, says she was glad to have made it through one of her toughest period in life.

Lindiwe Munatsi, a 34-year-old mother of one, told TellZim that the virus is indeed very dangerous but added that it was possible to defeat it in one followed the right treatment regimes.

Munatsi said she visited a local hospital after falling ill and showing all the symptoms associated with Covid-19 but the hospital said had no testing kits.

She then travelled to Masvingo city where she got tested at a clinic owned by the Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS), and the specimen came back positive.

“I had signs of Covid-19 including severe coughing and chest pains. I had difficulties breathing and at some moments I would fail to breathe. When my sample tested positive, I was shuttered but not really surprised as I had believed that I was positive due to the symptoms. It was one of the hardest moments of my life,” said Munatsi.

After testing positive, she travelled back to Gutu and notified the hospital which had hitherto failed to test her on the basis that they did not have kits.

Surprisingly, the health centre this time around sprung to action and they suddenly found test kits for contacts tracing and testing covering 10 identified people.

“All my 10 known contacts tested positive and it gave me some kind of relief. I was, however, surprised that a hospital which had turned me away saying they did not have test kits could suddenly have those kits in a matter of hours,” said Munatsi.

The health centre then ordered her into 14 days of self-isolation, advising her that she would be considered fully recovered if she completed that tenure without complications.

She said when people learnt about her new condition, some were supportive while others were a bit more worried about their own safety.

“I was stigmatised by some people who are closer to me but some of my workmates and friends were really supportive and they helped to keep me strong and positive about life,” she said.

Munatsi said the worst part of her ordeal was to be separated from her two-year-old baby boy as it affected both of them to a similar degree.

“He now asks for sanitizer regularly because when I fell ill, I had to sanitise after every few minutes but at first it was hard for both of us,” said Munatsi.

She said the symptoms were most severe for the first four days after she tested positive and she took some antibiotics which she complemented with a concoction of traditions herbs comprising zimbani and muringa and mufandichimuka.

“When I tested positive I started taking Zumbani, muringa and mumufandichimuka. I would steam myself hot twice a day; once in the morning and again it the evening. I took anti-biotics again but I think the traditional medicine was most useful. After four days the symptoms started to disappear and I am now very fine,” said Munatsi

She suspects that she contracted the virus during one of her frequent visits to Harare, which is regarded as the epicentre of the virus.

She admitted that she was not very careful with her herself during her visits to Harare, saying she did not practice strict social distancing and hand sanitizing.

 “I think I got it in Harare. But there are chances that I got it locally since we are witnessing a surge of new cases in the province. I think we are slowly and dangerously dismissing the presence of the virus amongst us. The virus is there and let us take care,” Munatsi said


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