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» » It’s 1 million members versus 5 million presidential votes

Mapombi just received her second jab of the donated Chinese Sinopharm Covid-19 jab and I can tell you that I am still alive and kicking. Ndipo pandichauraiwa nevaccine iyo Zanu PF yakanditadza here kkkkk. If you can survive in Zimbabwe under Zanu PF misrule I can bet you mabanana angu akaora nemaputi kuti nothing can touch you. Not Covid-19 and not even the vaccine. This vaccine tiri kungoibaiwawo hedu as a preventive measure but the truth of the matter is that we have been hardened and immunized by poverty. A lot of Western countries predicted that our streets here in Africa would be littered with dead bodies but we survived against all odds. No one can explain why Covid-19 did not ravage Africa as predicted. Mwari ndewe munhu wese. He will never forsake us by giving us dictators and looters then add Covid-19 to our misery, No. But kana ndakamboona munhu anotya Covid-19, ED vari mberi kkkk. Dzinopfeka mask even dzichiita zoom conference with other heads of state. Why wear a mask in front of a camera as if Covid-19 can be transmitted through zoom. Our dearly beloved President will be the only one wearing a mask in the zoom meeting woshaya kuti hadzioniwo here kuti ndidzo zambiringa munyemba. Mapombi is not saying people should not wear face masks but there is a place to do it.

Kazembe Kazembe huya pano. Dear readers I want to tell you nezva Kazembe uyu. Some say he is ED’s son but ini hangu Mapombi handidi kupinda munyaya dzisinei neni. Just because vane saka and vakada kufanana mototi they are father and son, itai mushe imi vanhu. Grace once told us that ED has many kids zvekuti chero kuma 50 ikoko vanosvika but again who can trust the unhinged Grace. She was a lunatic who was ultimately put in her place. I do not want to talk about ED’s children but I want to talk about this one anonzi Kazembe. This man a few days ago decided to wake up from his palatial mansion and go undercover in a passport queue hanzi ndoda kubata corruption. Yes, he wanted to arrest corruption. While in that queue, someone who woke up from under a bridge kwakunobata nzvimbo on the passport queue, decided to sell his space to the undercover Kazembe and boom, he was arrested. Now, was there corruption committed here by this unsuspecting man? The incident was hyped so much so that even Mapombi was curious to follow the events of that day only to laugh at Kazembe for exposing himself and his boss ED for running down the country.

Surely how do you preside over a country where people become so desperate to the extent of doing business of selling positions in a passport queue? Then a whole minister gets so much publicity for nailing munhu ari kutongwavha ngwavha kuti araramise mhuri. You promised people jobs jobs jobs but what have you done? Since you took over, a lot of people have lost their jobs which is why they are doing everything to earn honest means of living. That man who sold his place in a passport queue did nothing wrong but the police will victimize him because he was arrested by the minister of Home Affairs. The people are so desperate and have suffered enough. Have you ever noticed how ritual murders have increased under the new dispensation? Hatina kumboona zvakadai under Mugabe. Someone somewhere is sitting in the wrong chair and has to go. We cannot watch and do nothing when our people are being turned on each other. How does a regime preside over people who kill each other for ritual purposes? Dear Zimbabweans, you can never be rich through the blood, head or privates of another human being. Stop killing our children. They have a future which you are failing to safeguard for them because you are choosing to watch while very old guard squander everything. Killing children will not make you reach so Stop It. Kana muchida kurarama zvakanaka your problem is political endai munopedzerana naED uko kkkk tione anofa ndiani. Leave innocent children alone please.

Its high someone says it. There are no signs so far that things are going to get better or Zanu PF would lose its footing and be kicked out of power. These guys have mastered the tricks of winning, keeping and retaining power. Anyone or anything that threatens their way to power is dealt with decisively. If it’s the majority of people, poverty is inflicted on them and they end up fighting for survival and lose focus on who is causing their suffering. Zanu PF has set its sights on 5 million presidential votes in 2023 and MDC Alliance has embarked on 1 million membership campaign. Can someone read between the lines here? Someone is targeting 5 million votes and someone is targeting 1 million members. It is obvious who will win the elections if we look at the above figures. I have always been telling MDC Alliance people that the difference between them and Zanu PF is on membership and supporters. Zanu PF has members and MDC has supporters. The difference is that members are loyal and supporters are fence seaters. Maybe this is why MDC is so hell bend on getting the million membership.

MDC is fighting for the rural vote while Zanu PF is fighting for the urban vote. Zanu PF has made sure that urbanites see the worst in service delivery with the hope that they would turn against the opposition led local authorities. They have allowed mukoma Douglas to fire councillors and blocked by-elections. With the current state of service delivery, many people think the worst of Chamisa’s councillors. This is what Zanu PF is hoping to cash in on. Recently we heard that an inter-ministerial taskforce led by VP Chiwenga will take over all poorly run urban local authorities and many people see this with a limited view. This is a calculated move and deliberate ploy to discredit the opposition in their urban strongholds. Zanu PF is coming in full force to win the urban vote but unfortunately they are playing dirty. The urbanites see Zanu PF for who they really are unlike their rural counterparts. Chamisa on the other hand has kept his cards close to his chest on how he hopes to win the rural vote. What I am sure about is that Chamisa is more charismatic than ED but charisma unfortunately does not win votes. Zanu PF has a grip on the rural vote and they enjoy the advantage of incumbency.

Zanu PF controls the means of production in the rural areas and one wonders what Chamisa has up his sleeves. With the green bombers having been reactivated, we wait to see what 2023 will bring for the political parties. Ini hangu Mapombi ndotodawo kuti Chamisa atonge but so far handisati ndaona the seriousness of the young man. Maybe he will give us a signal when the time is ripe but for now we are stuck with Zanu PF and tiri mugango. I have said enough regai ndinokanga maputi angu for lunch but before I go I want to tell Zesa Masvingo to respect us. We will not allow them to urinate on us and make us believe it is raining. The power crisis at the Bushmead Water Works must be solved as a matter of urgency. How can a city like Masvingo go for a month without water because Zesa is dragging their feet? We are coming for you kuZesa ikoko. Mapombi haazvidi and I am happy vanaManyanga and Madzibaba Reginai are against that. Parisei pasowe madzibaba Chiteme. Ehe kuZanu variko vana madzibaba kkkk. I hear a transformer was found in Mwenezi to replace the faulty one at Bushmead but I hope hapana vanosara vachichema kuMwenezi ikoko. Todii nevanhu veMasvingo. Shinga mushandi shinga. Happy Workers’ Day everyone. Mboko imboko.

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