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Kimberly Kusauka

Masvingo City Council has taken over the running of Charles Austin Theatre after the disbanding of Masvingo Theatre and Arts Club with effect from August 1 this year.

Masvingo Town Clerk Edward Mukaratirwa said the resolution to take over Charles Austin Theatre by council has been finalized and they were supposed to vacate the place by end of July.

“Resolution to take over the theatre has been finalized and they were supposed to move out by end of July.

“The former theatre owners personalized the facility of which it is supposed to be run by the community,” said Mukaratirwa.

Mukaratirwa also said that the Masvingo Arts and Theatre club is not being chased out completely but they can still use the facility to perform arts and theatre.

“We are not chasing them away but they no longer run the facility. However they can continue performing their arts and theatre,” said Mukaratirwa.

Masvingo Theatre and Arts Club Chairperson Charles Munganasa said the theatre was a non-profit making organization run by residents and it only got funds from the kitchen, the churches and the bar which were operating in the building.

He went on to say that council made the resolution without the engagement of the residents and they are only being given an office while the whole building will be run by council.

“The theatre was not a profit making organization as it got its funding from the kitchen, the club and the churches who used the building.

“The council made its resolution without engaging the residents who were running the theatre. We are left without an option than to disband the club since we did not have any support,” Munganasa said.

The resolution for council to takeover Masvingo Arts and theatre club had been on the plate for a long time, and a few months ago there was an outcry on online platforms after it merged that council wanted to take over operations at the theatre. 

Rujeko isolation centre

Terrence Ndowora

Masvingo province currently has the highest covid-19 infection rate according to recently released statistics by health officials this week.

Masvingo province stood at 47 percent infection rate, with the rest of all provinces ranging from 22 to 12 percent, following a surge in both positive cases and deaths recently.

Masvingo Provincial covid-19 Taskforce spokesperson Rogers Irimayi said that the positivity rate was too high, which puts the lives of citizens at risk of easily contracting the deadly virus.

“These statistics indicate a serious problem to us because 47 percent is too high. We are supposed to remain vigilant to ensure that we fight this pandemic, as we adhere to government covid-19 regulations.

“Unfortunately, people are becoming reluctant as they are no longer observing social distance. Also, failure to wear masks properly and sanitizing are the major reasons why our infection rate is higher than other provinces,” said Irimayi.

Masvingo Acting City Health Director Ngonidzashe Mapamula said the recent increase in infection rate has presented a worrying situation to the province, which has also seen Masvingo urban figures shooting up rapidly.

“From the tests done in the city, positivity rate of covid-19 ranges between 12.5 to 35 percent. Comparing with other provinces, Masvingo has the highest number of positive cases and that is a serious concern. If you consult the Provincial Medical Director (PMD) he may disclose the provincial covid-19 outlook,” said Mapamula.

He lamented the level of complacency in the province by the public that he said is likely to be the factor pushing forward the infection rate.

Masvingo Provincial Medical Director Dr Amadeus Shamhu attributed the increase to the high numbers of people coming from neighboring South Africa. 

“The positivity rate is high because of returnees from South Africa who are coming back home through Beitbridge border post. Most of them are testing positive to the virus,” said Dr Shamhu.

Chiredzi district has been a hotspot for the past three months, with cases in other districts rapidly increasing, making the province a hotspot for some time now.

- -

 I hope now people are beginning to see kuti Mapombi is a gentrumen haavanzi, I will always tell you the truth even if that is not what you want to hear. I have been telling you kuti command vaccination is here muchiramba zvino hezvo. I heard this seed company SeedCo has already started sending unvaccinated people home, yes, ko mange musina kuzvinzwa here, havasivo vakatotanga, they were just following suit after Telone withdrew Covid-19 allowances and send unvaccinated workers on forced leave. This Zanu PF government is good at command things. I however think this is the only command thing that I partly support though I do not agree with the criteria. The government should educate people on the need to be vaccinated, all NGOs; kana tapedza kupa vanhu rice kumusha uko let us educate people about vaccines. Let us stop spreading fake news, those who do not want to get the jab, please stop saying nonsensical conspiracy theories. 

 Speaking of NGO’s, I heard that First Lady sisi Auxillia’s Angel of Hope is facing the chop kkkk, haipo paList yevakorinde from the overzealous PDC Muguti. Is it a case of mistaken identity? Mapombi is thinking if this mean that the First Lady also erred on conforming to the requirements of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)? Is Muguti playing with fire or kungoda zvavo kutinzwa. Chete he is not the first one, Chedu Hove pano paMasvingo once banned NGOs and Zinanga paZaka once banned Heal Zimbabwe. I hope we will not see a political muscle ichipindira ipapo, if the Angel of Hope failed to do what it is required then it has to stop operating immediately kkkk. Mapombi had the privilege to see the list and was shocked not to see the NGO of the year Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights kkkkkkk that proved to me that the list is made up of cowards. Iko kuZLHR kunoda kumbosvikwa vaMuguti kkkkkkkk I overheard that nepotism is taking its toll in the Southern region, anyway let me end here. 

Ko yaPapa Makandiwa ndeipi iyi, forgive me dear readers kwedu kuChitima zvombononoka kusvika, I heard there is a war of words between the sons and daughters of the prophet in the social circles. Hanzi some are accusing while some are defending baba vezvomweya after he backtracked on what he said about taking vaccines. Hanzi vana vembwa havasvinure ka1, so I am glad Papa vakazosvinura kkkk now he is advocating for vaccination. Zuro ndizuro vaimboti I am ready to defy my government’s orders kkkkk. Maybe pane zvimwe zvavaireva not vaccines. Let me stop here before you accuse me of yep yepping. 

I recently told you the youngman is mature; I heard he has a strategy but will not disclose it to the public. Yeah at least now akupa vanhu hope, of cause that is kana achirevesa. Remember ndoteam yekunyepaka iyi. Ndovakomana vekuti takasangana naTrump kkkkkkk. I saw the perennial liar Biti being exposed recently. I hope Chamisa paya was just immature and now akura. The last time I went to a rally pedu paMamutse apa chikomana chauya before 2018 erections kkkk as they are called naslikked rebhara kkkk. Hanzi naNero now pagedhe hapana keeper I am going to score nemanhede kkkk, I am one of the first people to jump and ululate chikomana chataura vanhu vakatoti batai mupengo. As all of you know, it turned out kuti gedhe ranga rakaiswa muhomwe kkkk. Chamisa we are tired of jokes and useless talk. I hope all this time you were strategizing, I believe that because last time when you opened your mouth on vaccines, I saluted you and hope you will not disappoint ndingatoshaya appetite to eat my rotten bananas . Word of advice to the young man, the playing field will never be even, we need to start seeing some action. Pindai muvanhu muite basa, Zanu Pf haisi kumira nemulockdown imomo. I know some of you will say hee hee vakada kuunganizda vanhu vanosungwa, I have never said itai maRally but MDC members should be talking to people muzvikona imomo, do not wait for the election season.

On a serious note, MDC should be serious if they want people to vote for them. You need to start changing how they do things, people should vote for a person not party, that system has allowed us to have zvindomundomu kuParliament because they just capitalized on the party name. Right now in many constituencies, Zanu PF has more than five candidates who are working on the ground, kuMDC kana svosve haro then vozongouya time yemaelections vorakashwa and cry foul. Start selling individual ideas to the electorate now before it’s too late.

I hear that seNyika tine chikwereti cheumwe Doctor weku South Africa airapa Save rwizi rukuru Tsvangirai kkkk, this is a joke sure, kutotumirwa debt collector less than a thousand Rands kkkk. Chikwereti cha2018 sure kkk, chete I heard kuti Joji said the government was ready to pay the debt. Mtuvi please pay them in our powerful local currency kuti zvizipe lol. Nyaya dzacho dzakagarawo dzatorwa negovernment. This was a chance for Dougie who was recently fired from the Alliance and his party to clear the credit. Eheka ndopavaifanira kumira mira apa to show that they are the ones who took over form Tsvangirai kkkk. I wanted to see if they were going to quarrel with Chamisa and Biti as they have been doing all along vachirwirana mushakabvu akazvizororera zvake. 

Mukomana weApolojersey uya wekuti he can defend Bob and fight the army is back and this time he is in another bootlicking overdrive. Remember that time he dared ED saying Bob will rule from the grave but recently I heard him saying haana kumbokwesherana na ED kkkkkkk. This young man is surely the worst thing that has ever happened to ZanuPF youth league but kungoti hako Zanu ihomwe yebenzi, you can find anything and any mad person. Chipanga, remember you lived at the mercy of Doc Gucci and her husband’s lieutenants who are still in the party but are faking allegiance to ED for their survival. You can’t tell G40 members to rejoin Zanu PF because they are still in the system and some of them varikubika mhanga ichakudhakai mese makarivara. Doctor Gucci and the G40 kingpins are out there vachinzwa uchitengesa base kudaro. Wakutamba naMaisva ohhhhhh, usazoti Mapombi haana kureva when the table turns. 

Before I sign of off and go kunokanga maputi, I would like to say thump up to madam Chipfakacha from our very own Masvingo ZRP Central. She is leading from the front in dealing with Mushika shika in town. I heard vanenge varipo paGlow everyday manheru apa making sure that her officers are not taking bribes and let zvipipipi in town. Keep the good work Madam as you promote Zupco monopoly in town chero isina mota and pasina social distancing and sanitization of passengers at Zupco pickup points. Madam, make sure these measures are enforced paGlow nepama Robots because this happens at your full glance. Everyday there will be hordes of people intending to go home but vazhinji vanozobuda na5 nekushaya maZupco. Pangu ndasakura ndazunza, till we meet again next week, Mboko iMboko!

TellZim News staff member (second from right) with Cllr Manyanga (second from left) handing over donated goods to ACCH

Kimberly Kusauka

TellZim News’ very own faceless columnist Mapombi recently donated clothes to Alpha Cottages Children’s home (ACCH) from the donations that were being collected at the organization’s offices for over a month.

Mapombi will also donate some of the clothes to Mucheke Old people’s home in the near future from the same donations.

ACCH Secretary Elen Chivavava said they are grateful to TellZim News for facilitating the donation to the children at the home, especially during this winter time where the children need warm clothing.

“We are very grateful to TellZim for facilitating this donation. The children needed warm clothes especially during this cold winter,” said Chivavava.

ACCH Care Giver Mary Makora also said TellZim News had done them a great service and should continue remembering the less fortunate.

“Words cannot express how grateful we are for the donation and may you not do it only for us but for many others in need.

Makora also mentioned challenges the home is facing, which include the broken durawall, food stuff, covid-19 sanitizers and masks, kitchen utensils, books newspapers and funding for their broiler project.

 “We are having a challenge with the broken durawall which needs to be maintained so that the children have security. We also need more food because we do not know when the food that we have will run out, we need more kitchen utensils, books and newspapers for the children to read especially during lockdown when they do not go to school.

“There is a broiler project that we are running at the cottage but we need more funding so that it becomes constant,” said Makora. 

TellZim was accompanied by Masvingo Urban ward 10 Cllr Sengerai Manyanga who said that the organization should continue doing such a great job of donating to the needy.

“TellZim has done a great job by donating to the children at ACCH and we hope they will keep on doing such a wonderful job,” said Manyanga.

Passmore Kuzipa who doubles as TellZim News Director and Editor said the paper has a human face which reflects and represent the needy in the community, saying however, this initiative was made possible by the members of the community.

“Our faceless columnist known as Mapombi, who has a human face realized the need to raise donations for Alpha Cottages and Mucheke Old people’s home.

“We thank the community for their contributions making it possible for the popular Mapombi to help the elderly and the children,” said Kuzipa.

There are 19 children at the cottages, five girls and the rest are boys. Some children are on medication and their supplies are collected monthly.

Terrence Ndowora

Manicaland State University of Applied Science (MSUAS) has allegedly advised all unvaccinated employees to receive Covid-19 jabs before July 30 or they will be banned from entering its premises.

In an internal staff notice signed by MSUAS Deputy Registrar, Jeffry Chifimbo the institution will not allow any staff member to enter its premises, who fails to prove or submit proof of vaccination. 

“We request all members to submit copies of Covid-19 vaccination certificates to Human Resource Office on or before July 30. Members who are yet to receive the jabs are encouraged to do so before lapse of the said period.

“The University will not allow any member who fails to submit proof of vaccination to visit any of its premises unless a member has proof from a registered practitioner exempting them from receiving the inoculation due to other conditions,” reads the memorandum.

Contacted for comment, Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education Permanent Secretary Professor Fanuel Tagwirei said the institution has an academic independence to govern itself and make such decisions.

“MSUAS is owned by the state but it has its own council with powers to make decisions based on the interests of the institution. It is governed by its Act so it does have an academic independence to make such decisions.

He, however, encouraged all state universities staff members to get vaccinated to reduce exposing other workers and students to the deadly virus.

“On the other hand, every university staff member must be vaccinated to reduce their exposure and the consequent risk to all others,” said ProffTagwira.

Institutions have been lately forcing its staff members to get vaccinated or risk losing jobs, with civil servants being told that vaccination is now mandatory in a recent cabinet meeting.


File picture

Local authorities all over Zimbabwe should place the needs of ratepayers at the centre of their priorities before individual interests of the administration. Most municipal authorities notably in the ‘Big Cities’ have ignored their mandate by misplacing priorities. Ratepayers and residents of these cities have or continue to be shortchanged as they endure poor service delivery while most council employees enjoy the benefits from the rate payer’s money. There have been irregularities, which point to maladministration in the urban centres, which led to Auditor General Mildred Chiri flagging seven councils in her 2019 report. City Fathers therefore need to be reminded of their constitutional mandate to ensure decent life for urban dwellers. Refuse collection, water and sanitation, road maintenance, as well as waste disposal should take centre stage whenever the authorities do their annual budgets at the expense of enriching their pockets through allowances at so-called strategic planning workshops.

This publication carries a story in which a certain local authority is being alleged to have spent ZW$3.5 million dollars in a three days’ workshop. Another publication carried a story where residents have spent two years without electricity because the local authority owed millions to Zesa. These examples shows how councils are failing to priorities residents’ welfare.

The report by Chiri should act as a wake-up call for the local authorities and ensure efficient service delivery is provided as they work towards realisation of developmental goals they set in attaining World Class city status. Cheap politicking should be a thing of the past; hence, councils should include residents as part of decision makers in issues that concern them than taking citizens for granted. There should be a marked shift from outdated management mechanisms as we embrace new management systems that incorporate constructive ideas from all concerned parties. Instead of creating a gap between the authority and residents, the two should just work hand-in-glove and progress might be realised in full.

Masvingo Provincial Police spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa 

Kimberly Kusauka

Four unidentified robbers recently pounced on a forex dealer in Rujeko suburb in Masvingo and went away with over US$ 4000 after threatening him with gunshots before assaulting him.

Emmanuel Chidyausavi (29) of Rujeko C lost US$4 260 to robbers who fired gunshots inside his house and later assaulted him with an iron bar, leaving him with injuries on his left leg.

Masvingo Provincial Police spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed the incident and said police investigations are underway.

"We received the case in which Chidyausavi was robbed of cash amounting to $US 4 260 at his homestead in Rujeko C and police investigations are underway," said Dhewa.

Circumstances are that four male armed robbers forced their way into Chidyausavi's house just after midnight while he was sleeping with his family through a screen door.

Chidyausavi allegedly heard some noise and tried to block his bedroom door with his wardrobe to stop the robbers from getting inside.

After attempting to penetrate into the bedroom in vain, the robbers then proceeded to the bedroom window and fired one gunshot, warning Chidyausavi to open the door but he did not comply.

They then returned to the bedroom door and kept pushing until they made their way inside where they took money from Chidyausavi’s wallet and wardrobe.

They then assaulted Chidyausavi on his left leg with an iron bar and fled the scene with a total amount of $US 4 260.

"We encourage members of the public to avoid keeping large amounts of money in their homes," said Dhewa.

Masvingo is experiencing a high number of robbery cases this year and recently police recovered property worth over US$ 10 000 in Runyararo West and Victoria Ranch.



File picture
Leslie Karumbidza

Nine families from Magokova village in Chipange who were evicted from their ‘ancestral land’ are reportedly sleeping in the open since their displacement by Green Fuel, TellZim News has learnt.

The families are braving the chilly weather and have nowhere to go since they were evicted from their custodial land by force.

This was confirmed by Headman Phineas Chinyamukwakwa who told TellZim News that 34 people were left without shelter and have no other option. 

“I can confirm that 34 villagers are sleeping outside in the open spaces as they lost their houses during the eviction. These nine families have nowhere to go because this is the only place they have known since they were born,” said Chinyamukwakwa.

Director of Platform for Youth and Community Development (PYCD), Claris Madhuku said they were deeply shocked that government is not acting to resolve the disaster facing locals.  

“The initiative to challenge these evictions by Green Fuel has been taken and the matter is now before courts.

“The community in Chinyamukwakwa and Magokova are defiant and ready for all the unfolding events, knowing fully well that the battle shall be won by the people,” said Madhuku.

He also said that food and temporary shelter was being organized for the victims.

“It is unacceptable and we have recorded the names of the people who were displaced so as to provide temporary food and shelter. We are also helping the affected people by interpreting their constitutional rights.

Some of the villagers are reported to have fled to Mozambique after losing their land to business mogul Billy Rautenbach who owns Green Fuel.

Green Fuel security guards destroyed crops of over 1000 villagers demanding that they vacate the land. 

Green Fuel also stands accused of failing to uphold the government’s 2015 recommendation of coexistence between locals and the company. 

- -

Masvingo Urban legislator, Jacob Nyokanhete
Nancy Bayereka

MASVINGO- Masvingo Urban legislator, Jacob Nyokanhete will channel $2 million which was recently approved under the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) fund program towards the construction of the long-awaited Rujeko Secondary School project. 

Nyokanhete told TellZim News that his first funding proposal of $2 million was recently approved and will soon be disbursed. 

“I applied for the CDF funds and recently Parliament approved the amount of $ two million and the money will be processed anytime soon. We are not going to carry out any other project until we are done with Rujeko Secondary School,” said Nyokanhete.

He also said they were just being stalled by the Treasury for them to commence work on the ground. 

 “The disbursement of funds is the major factor in the delay to kick-start the construction work. As soon as money is made available, work will commence,” added Nyokanhete. 

Masvingo Town Clerk, Engineer Edward Mukaratirwa also said the school was on council’s top priorities and revealed that they were targeting to have the school functional in 2022.

Engineer Mukaratirwa revealed this during a radio program on Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) Campus radio, where he said that the tendering process was in progress and  registration of the school was in the right direction. 

“Rujeko Secondary school is another major project that we will embark on this year. Right now we are busy preparing tender documents for the procurement of material to start construction of the first two blocks. Our aim is to have our first batch of pupils during the first term of the 2022 schools calendar.

“We have already done necessary paper work for the registration of the school and submissions were made to the responsible Ministry for registration,” said Mukaratirwa. 

Secondary school learners from Rujeko suburb travel to Ndarama, Mucheke and Masvingo Christian High schools, thereby risking being hit by vehicles whilst crossing the ever-busy Masvingo-Beitbridge highway. 

- -

Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa

Leslie Karumbidza

BIKITA- A 32 year old man from Bikita was recently stabbed to death by his drinking partner after a dispute had erupted when they had purchased Chibuku Super at Chikuku business centre in Bikita. 

Maxwell Vengai of Dambo Village  under Chief Budzi died after he was stabed with a knife by his friend Wilson Mudurirwa (32) who had sent him to buy Chibuku Super in a local bar. 

Masvingo provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed the incident and urged members of the public to avoid the use of violence especially when they are under the influence of alcohol. 

“I can confirm that a 32 year old Bikita man was fatally stabbed by a friend after a dispute over US$1. We urge members of the public to by all means avoid use of violence when there is a dispute especially when intoxicated,” said Dhewa. 

Eye witnesses said the duo arrived at Chikuku Business Centre around 2pm and Mudurirwa gave Vengai US1 for the purchase of one Chibuku Super. 

The two then consumed the Chibuku beer together and spent the whole afternoon drinking and roaming around. 

They then departed for Mushafamba Business Centre and at around 5pm, Mudurirwa demanded his change from Vengai who then told him that the Chibuku Super actually costed US$1. 

A heated exchange of words between the two erupted and Mudurirwa then drew a knife from his pocket and stabben Vengai once in the stomach. 

Vengai fell down and upon noticing that he had committed a crime, Mudurirwa then escaped from the scene. 

Mandienga (35) and Admire Dambo (24) who were passing by then noticed Vengai lying on the ground and rushed to help him seek medical attention. 

Vengai was rushed to Chikuku clinic where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.  

Mudurirwa is still at large and a police manhunt has since been launched. 

Hurbet Fidze

Blessed Chauke

All sporting activities have been brought to a halt for over a year now and a snippet of returns were witnessed but the joy was short-lived after another blanket ban was effected.

 The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) remains adamant on banning sports in the country. 

TellZim News caught up with football stakeholders in the country who felt let down by the governing body.  

Premier Soccer League (PSL) action was just witnessed in the form of Chibuku Super Cup but the tourney was halted twice due to a spike in Covid-19 in the country. 

Although most leagues across the globe are ongoing, SRC banned Chibuku Super Cup and an application by Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) seeking a waiver was quashed. 

Zifa Head of Communications, Competitions, Marketing and Club Licensing, Xolisani Gwesela said they were ready for action but SRC has the final decision.  

“We are ready to play but SRC has stopped all our competitions. Everything is dependent on SRC before resumption,” said Gwesela.

Blessing Mazorodze who coaches Eastern region Division One side Chiredzi Stars said lack of action has killed a lot of talent in lower leagues. 

“SRC has let football down especially lower divisions considering the fact that some clubs are sponsored by individuals who are now doubting sponsoring lower league teams. Lower leagues are more focused on giving young talent a platform, so two years without football is like killing future stars,” said Mazorodze.

Masvingo United FC club chairperson, Hurbet Fidze concurred with Mazorodze and called upon SRC and Zifa to consider giving a waiver to lower leagues when action resumes rather than a gradual approach. 

“SRC is actually letting down D1 soccer because I do not see any different from the PSL and D1. If they allow PSL teams to play games why  not allow D1 teams to play also?

“ZIFA and SRC has to work hand in glove when the restrictions are lifted so as to include D1 regions because the situation is very bad for D1 teams,” said Fidze.

Officials at the Zifa village have called upon the SRC to weigh its options and be rational before banning sporting activities. 

Many players are now living in abject poverty since clubs are refusing to pay them due to inactivity. 

Some clubs are reportedly collapsing and some are now defunct while some have seen the ban as a blessing in disguise to strategize.  

Believe Mpofu

Operations at the province’s largest referral hospital Renal Unit are set to resume after over two years of inactivity, TellZim News can report. 

Masvingo Provincial Hospital Renal Unit which caters for kidney patients was closed after infrastructure became nonfunctional and patients had to seek services at private institutions. 

Provincial Medical Director (PMD) Doctor Amadeus Shamhu confirmed that the renal unit is set and they are waiting for assessment of the machines by experts before commencement of operations.

“The renal unit is about to start functioning, we are waiting for health experts to come and assess the functionality of machines since they were bought long back. It is equipped with dialysis machines procured from India by government more than three years ago, experts are coming to test if the machines are still functional to their level best,” said Shamhu.  

Doctor Shamhu said he is not sure when the machines will be assessed because of Covid-19 restrictions which ban intercity travel as authorities seek to contain the spread of the pandemic.

“We are not sure when exactly the machines will start functioning because experts cannot travel due to the current lockdown restrictions,” he said.

Kidney treatment remains a critical part of the country’s health sector and the exorbitant fees being charged by private players is beyond reach of ordinary Zimbabweans. 

Currently kidney patients in Masvingo mainly get services at Makurira Memorial Clinic.