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» » Chamisa’s biggest mistake

E-eh Chitiudzai tinzwe imi vanhu veMDC-T; you used to attack Zanu PF for using yester year pictures of former President Robert Mugabe on their posters saying they should use the current pictures of Bob akaunyana because of his advanced age.
Mapombi has seen MDC Alliance posters pasted all over in town but what caught my eyes is a yester year picture of Morgan Tsvangirai achine mazitama kudai and I asked myself why can't they use a current picture of him like what they wanted Zanu PF to do during the Mugabe era?
We want to see a fragile Tsvangirai on your posters the same way you wanted to see Zanu PF using Mugabe's current pictures then.  Zanu PF is now using current pictures of Mnangagwa and Mapombi is challenging MDC-T kuti tiisireiwo picture yaTsvangirai sezvaari iyezvino tione tigovhota tichiziva.
Mapombi has been on record telling that MDC dzungu rinodzoka rowandisa; they request for others to do things they cannot do themselves. They always complain that Zanu PF did this and that but they will never tell you what they can do asi wotonzwa vachitoti new Zimbabwe is coming kkkkkkkk baba vangu mushayamutupo iwe.
Mapombi is always a gentleman handivanzi ini; I hate Zanu PF because today I am a destitute because of them. I do not have a job, though kuchikoro ndakatoendawo, because of Zanu PF's corruption. I don't have a husband because no man wants to marry a filthy woman like me and it's all because of Zanu PF which destroyed the economy. I'm even staying at Chitima market because I cannot afford to pay rentals at a decent place and again it's because of Zanu PF.
But when I look to MDC as an option or hope for the future, my heart beats even faster – there is total chaos and confusion in that party zvekuti unotoona kuti the devil I know is a better devil. At least with Zanu PF nhamo yangu ndatoijaira than what I'm likely to face if I give my vote to MDC yenyu iyi. At least ED is talking sense these days though he is still far from being pragmatic. Ko chiiko chinombonetsa nhai Shumba Murambwi? Kana mati CSC iri kuvhurwa we want to see action ka not just sweet talk.
You give yourself 100 days action plan but it's almost lapsing pasina kana action yatamboona except visiting other countries and going to Doves; or is it Davos? Hameno!
Mapombi has helped quite a number of politicians especially those who care to listen to her advice. Of course I am a lowly rated woman because I stay at Chitima and I survive on rotten bananas and maputi anenge akangwa nemoto wemaplastic.
I have a message for my young brother Nelson Chamisa – you have a lot of potential but ukaita zvekutamba unoita saMoses wemuBhaibheri. Mapombi heard Moses could not get to Canaan  - God took him to the mountain and showed him from a distance how Canaan was like ndobva zvangopera zvakadaro.
Chamisa might think he is shoo in to replace Tsvangirai but things can change anytime. Being at the front in the first round of a 12-rounds competition does not mean one would maintain the lead to the end. MDC-T needs a unifier at the moment not someone who elbows others out. Chamisa lacks the unifying element which Mudzuri has in abundance, while elbowing others seems to be the daily bread for the youngest VP.
Chamisa should learn to build bridges and smoke the peace pipe with perceived enemies like Khupe – it is very critical for MDC-T.  Mapombi believes it is even more difficult to hate each other than to like one another – you are a pastor my brother it's high time you preach and demonstrate peace and unity in the party. Those two are still lacking in Chamisa and Mapombi is not sure if just being charismatic alone will make him win the battle especially against Khupe.
All that MDC needs is a unifier because the party s disintegrated at the moment. Mapombi have realized that Chamisa might be fooling himself thinking that being charismatic is all he needs to win ticket to replace Tsvangirai.
If one fails to unite few disgruntled party members what more about the whole nation with different races and people from different political parties? Mind you Mapombi will not benefit anything even if Chamisa gets into power but he will benefits more if he listens to my advice if he really wants to be the MDC Alliance candidate in the forthcoming elections. Unite people and preach peace my brother or else unofa nenyota makumbo ari mumvura.
When one is readying self for a big position dzungu roda kuitwa shoma hama dzangu. A good leader must be honest and truthful all the time. Izvo zvekungorotomoka senge Bob ayewa. We don't want leaders who lie at all – the $15billion promise and stuff. Chamisa must apologise for that.
I have seen a recent tweet post by young Chamisa – e-eh ko maSmart phone azara chero kwedu kuChitima uko tinongoratidzwawo nematicha anenge auya kuzotenga mabanana nemadomasi akachipazve. The tweet, which I assume was a desperate move by Chamisa to defend self that he is not immature, had some emotions in the background.
Listen my brother and listen very carefully; people say a lot but a good leader rarely respond to every Tom and Jerry – let the people defend you. We have seen it before and we are still seeing it even in MDC vanhu vachirwira Tsvangirai icho chakanyarara zvacho Morgan. Ndozvinoitwa nemutungamiriri chaiye chaiye. ED was attacked left, right and centre with Grace but he remained quite while the small boys vana Matuke, Mangwana and others fight for him. Learn to listen my little brother.
Also don't be too excited to an extent of revealing diplomatic meeting details. Yes, Mapombi agrees that you might have been promised the $15billion you were talking about but was the information meant for public consumption or was given in confidence?  Kupererwa nezvekutaura here kunoita kuti munhu apedzisire ongorotomoka kudaro? Haa manage your excitement mhani – after all people will not vote for MDC simply because you told them you were promised $15 billion.
It's almost lunch time let me go ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch. This Saturday I will be at Mucheke Stadium timbonzwa kuti Alliance iri kutiiko. Hopefully they are not coming down here kuzongotuka Zanu PF chete chete; we also want to hear what do they want to offer if we vote them in the forthcoming elections.
By the way, I heard Mujuru and Mugabe are trying to cook something kkkkkkkkk Mapombi will not say more. I'm sure Mphoko will join soon. I terribly miss Mphoko vakomana. Mboko imboko!mapombi

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