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ED's list of shame
Kkkkkkk Matemadenda is not so intelligent guys; Mapombi is not surprised why ED dropped him from his government. The comrade is dull if I may be blunt! Mapombi still could not believe what Matemadanda did at the war vets meeting held at Masvingo Poly over the weekend.
Mapombi heard that the war vets meeting went on well, but all hell broke loose when it was time to give vote of thanks. Mapombi heard that was the time when ZBC reporters arrived, and in action movie-like style, Matemadanda stood up and made an order for the whole programme to be started anew because ZBC had arrived. Ndokutotanga maIntroductions wena kkkkkkk haaa kumwe kuda publicity kwacho it's just too much.
I'm sure Matemadanda is not aware that there are side interviews that are conducted by journalists. Kkkkk kutangidza programme here nekuda kubuda paZBC TV kkkkkk tichine basa rekudzidzisa leadership chokwadi. Cde Matemadanda, may you please grow up and more be serious. Don't take war vets for granted – but Mapombi is very happy that some war vets protested and walked out of the venue.
Now Mapombi understand why some war vets are being left out in government – ungaisa vanhu vanoda kubuda paTV zvekuti ikashaikwa the programme will be postponed hahahaha nyika haingafambe nevanhu vakadai. Maybe we should forgive Matemadanda becase kwakabviwa ndokure makore adyana. That's why Mapombi sometimes think kuti a younger generation is far much better – timboisawo mukoma wepaGutu apa tione kuti angazvikonewa here Nelson Chamisa.
Of course Mapombi has few issues with Chamisa but zviri nane compared to issues I have with ED.  I may be charged for undermining the power of the President or treason chaiyo because ndomaitiro eZanu tinomaziva.
But Mapombi is a gentleman ndofirakureva ini; I doubt if our president is indeed a lawyer – the blunders he makes are just too much and even the dull lawyers we know in town do not make such blunders. The list of the blunders is endless but the recent list of those who externalised foreign currency is the blunder of the year.
I think the president is too busy to analyse certain issues and things. I don't think that list was approved by the president. Or maybe his Special Advisor Mutsvangwa was in Russia so no one advised him kuti list iyi muchanyara nayo iyi.
Mapombi saw a number of companies that closed operations some years back wotoshaya kuti saka zviri kufamba sei. People were anxiously waiting for the list with the hope to see mazita ana Mpofu and others but wotowana zvimazita zvemacompany ekwaNyika kugrowth point zvako uko. We were told $15 billion disappeared and we want to know who vanished with the money. One thing worth mentioning maybe is that it exposed the Chinese whom we have been accusing of looting our resources isusu zvedu vana Mapombi. Look East policy yakaunza zvinhu two chete in our lives – poverty as Chinese loot our resources and our sisters as they were impregnated by these pint-sized comrades from China.
I think someone exchanged the list yanga yanzi naED ipiwe to the media ini because that list we have is a list of shame. I think even those who bought second hand cars from Japan have found their names on the list. In fact it is shameful not to be found on that list – usipo palist iya irombe because it is just a list of people who can afford to go and do their shopping outside the country. Vasingawanike palist tisu vana Mapombi because tingaenda kunze kwenyika takafekawo mamvemve iwaya here uye tichidya rotten bananas and maputi asina nzungu.
But the president should be more serious – kungotaurawo hangu because election is around the corner zvekuzochema kuti ndabirirwa nemwana mucheche hazvinaki.
But Mapombi doesn't understand kuti ZEC chairperson Chigumba naMutsvangwa varikuitei kuRussia. Hopefully hazvisi zvekundodzidza how to rig elections. Gwendo guno tinosvitsana kwamvura yacheka makumbo imbozvizamai muone! Namai kudai!
Anyway, it's almost lunch time let me go ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch. By the way, pane akambonzwawo here nezvaMphoko? I desperately miss that guy. But Mugabe ndomudhara manje kkkkkk that old man is stark in the past. Wake up uncle Bob and face reality – you are now former president and we are happy without you. We know very well that wakabviswa by ginya but we are happy about it because you rigged election before ukaramba nechinhu by ginya.
Anorarama nebanga anofa naro. Hamba kahle Uncle Bob. Mboko imboko!

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