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Mapombi will not hesitate to say the truth; the so called war vets are destroying our economy. I now understand why Mugabe and ED have continued to ignore the plight of war vets – they are just empty vessels.
Chiefs are better cared for than war vets; Madzimambo takamapa mota dzakanaka because they are more important and critical than the veterans of liberation struggle. Many war vets are living miserable lives; they are struggling to have decent meals and the reason is very simple – they have no value in the eyes of Zanu PF.
Chiefs command a lot of respect within the Zanu PF rank and file, and as a result, they were given brand new Isuzu twin cabs while vana Chinooneka vedu vachingotikida netsoka. Muchatsikwa nemadzimambo fambirai kure nemugwagwa uko.
Mapombi used to respect war vets so much but the respect has since vanished. Two war vets to blame are Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda who is now nicknamed Mr Ibu by the people of Zimbabwe. Kkkkkkk the name Mr Ibu was driven from a popular Nigerian actor, which many people believe is a gifted comedian.
Firstly, Mutsvangwa lost primary elections before accusing the Zanu PF national political commissar, Dr Englebert Rugeje of being a political novice. Yes, he had the guts of attacking the commissar until he was given the mandate to represent Norton but, again, he lost dismally to an independent candidate, Temba Mliswa.
The reason why Mutsvangwa lost is very simple – he thinks he knows everything because of his Student Campanion-powered English diction. I am sure Mutsvangwa will be irrelevant soon together with Mr Ibu if they do not change the narrative of war vets to inclusive economic development and political tolerance.
Personally, I don't understand Matemadanda – today he is attacking Chamisa, tomorrow is praising him – what kind of a person are you Cde Ibu? Confused war vet who desperately needs to get the attention of ED so that he can get a ministerial post?
One day he was saying Chamisa must be kicked out if MDC is to become a better party saying vana mukoma Doug Mwonzora are far much better leaders, and the next day atopinda muReverse gear hanzi Chamisa should work together with ED because the young politician commands a huge following. Manje toziva zvipi nhai Mr Ibu?
When thinks are not favouring you ndopamunoti Chamisa haana dhiri but kana moda kuti zvikunakirei you say Chamisa ndiye ane yese kkkkkkkk now I understand why Mugabe didn't want to see these comrades.
Mapombi now understand why Mugabe akadira maWar Vets mvura ine unye gore riye when they tried to engage him kkkkkkk hokoyo nemapurisa. With this kind of leadership which sings for its supper no one can bother to respect our liberation war fighters.
And to show the confusion; they are even fighting one of their own – the one they spent over 37 years praising kuti he was the best leader ever, Robert Mugabe. But now they are fighting petty issues like the change of name of Robert Mugabe International Airport to, of course they will say, ED Ngwena Pfee International Airport. Kkkkkk these comrades. Mukati kuchikoro vakatombodarikawo nako? Only God knows!
We want people who can exercise tolerance. They used to attack Mugabe with all sorts of derogatory words, including kumutukira mukadzi wake Dr Gire, but simply because he refused to vote for ED they now want the national airport name changed again. Zvimwe itai muchiti munotamba varume imi kana musina zvekuita handei Gokwe tindochera mbeva.
Attend to bread and butter issues not trivial issues. Is our economy going to tick because they have changed the airport name? kkkkk baba vangu iwe zvakuri kungoverenga mbeva nemarisezve imi – we cannot have a leadership which can stoop that low.
Anyway, we know there are well-respected war vets who are level-headed, not these comedians. But they are the leaders and whatever they do has a bearing on the once respected organisation.
It's almost lunch time let me go zvangu ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch ndizvidyire ndigonwa yemuna Mucheke umu. Yes, I will drink straight from Mucheke River because our city fathers have gone for a week failing to repair some few burst pipes. Kkkkkk ugoona vanhu vacho kusvika nekungwarira kuti ED Pfee, ED Pfee. Itai ED Pfee yenyu iyeyo but we want clean water in the city.
Mapombi is surely going to visit you at the Civic Centre one day mava kujairira guta imi. Ndozokudirai mvura yema Mucheke iyo tema team inodai kunhuwa iyi, kana kuti ndoidira muma office enyu. Or should we start believing that Gusha ndiye waingozvigona and now that he is going tichashaya mvura yakachena forever. Or are these early signs of ED's leadership?  Ndokutonga kwaro here uku nhaimi vanhu?
Probably this is pure sabotage, Mapombi is allowed to think that way. Anyway, some of us we are used to drinking direct from Mucheke River where they dispose sewer imomo but I am only concerned about my brothers and sisters who can still afford decent lives that they may soon suffer from typhoid.
That is why Mapombi always misses people like Mphoko because when situations are like this, when residents go for a week without water, they chip in and donate bottled water kkkkkkkkk. Koi ye ndakahwa kuti haana kudamwawo ku inoguresheni. It's bad. How could ED forget to invite his once fellow VP to his inauguration? Zakaoma hazvo. Mboko imboko!mapombi

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