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» » » Unfettered powers for ED as Zanu PF amends party constitution

…Mnangagwa to enjoy Mugabe-like powers in constitutional shake-up
… two-term limits for parliamentarians
Upenyu Chaota
President Emmerson Mnangagwa will soon enjoy unbridled powers similar to those exercised by former president Robert Mugabe as Zanu PF has put in motion plans for sweeping constitutional changes that are likely to make the incumbent leader a political demigod.
It has also been learnt that the new constitutional changes will see term limits being imposed on the party’s Members of Parliament (MPs) in order to avoid careerism and give more members a chance to serve in that capacity.
Zanu PF secretary for legal affairs Paul Mangwana told TellZim News in an interview that the party had already set up a committee to come up with the roadmap for public consultations on the issue.
Mangwana refused to shed more light on why they want the constitution amended and what is expected in the new amendment but said the people will decide on the new provisions.
“We have set up committee to come up with the road map on how we are going to do the consultation processes.
“We want to realign the old constitution with the new dispensation and it is the people who will have an input on the changes not the leadership. What the people want is what will be put in the constitution.
“I am not the people so I cannot tell you what changes will be effected. We will simply give people the current constitution and tell them to bring forward the changes they want to see for the better of the party,” said Mangwana.
The issue first came out in the open a few weeks ago when Mangwana addressed a Masvingo Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC).
At the meeting, Mangwana hinted on the proposed changes among them the two term limits to all parliamentarians and the composition of an advisory council.
“We are coming to you soon for consultations on the proposed amendment of the party’s constitution and we would like your input. Should we have term limits on parliamentarians or should we retire some of our old guards and put them into the advisory team?
“It is all up to you so make sure when the process starts you will be ready,” said Mangwana then.
Other party sources said the proposed amendment to the party’s constitution is aimed at giving President Mnangagwa too much power and carte blanche to make some of the most important decisions on behalf of the party.
“People are going to give power to President Mnangagwa. The one centre of power is going to be the biggest change we are going to see in the proposed amendment.
“President Mnangagwa wants to be in control total control of the party and by giving him all the power, he will be able to deal with anyone who wants to stand in his way,” said the source.
Asked if the new amended constitution will address the succession issues within the ruling party, the source said Zanu PF does not have a succession and if anyone raise that they will be seen as the enemy.
“Succession will be left open because no one will ever raise the issue. It will be suicidal to suggest that,” said the source.

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