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» »Unlabelled » Chamisa denounces Chief Ndiweni victimisation

…says he will restore dignity of chiefs

Felix Matasva
MUTARE – MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa has says he is eager to resolve the governance crisis in Zimbabwe by increasing the autonomy of chiefs so that they become real keepers of tradition values, not political commissars of the ruling party.
Chamisa said this while speaking during Manicaland end-of-the-year provincial rally which was held at Chisamba grounds in Sakubva on Sunday, December 15, 2019.
He denounced government for its recent move to dethrone Chief Ndiweni who has stood up against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s excesses.

Chamisa said at the moment, the country is under authoritarian rule hence the need to address the governance crisis.
"Our country needs a leader because as of now, we have a ruler. Our country needs a shepherd but right now it is in the hands of a hunter. Our country needs a father because right now, it is being governed by murderers.
"I am saying this because of what was done to Chief Ndiweni. They are now involved in a turf war with traditional chiefs," said Chamisa.
He vowed that should he get into power, he will make sure that chiefs become stewards of Zimbabwe’s traditions.
"In a bid to resolve the governance crisis, we will make sure chiefs are not victimised and they must not be commissars of political parties. Chiefs ​must be keepers of our traditional values and cultural norms in the country.
"In our government, we will not tolerate chiefs attending MDC or Zanu PF gatherings. If they come, they must use their capacity to teach people our traditional and cultural values while giving solutions pertaining where the nation is wrong," said Chamisa.
He said  many places that he toured, it emerged that many chiefs were deprived of their chieftainships due to political influence hence in the new Zimbabwe he will foster the return of chieftainships to rightful heirs.
"I warned them about what they are doing to Chief Ndiweni, that they cannot rig the chieftainships as it is passed down from generation to generation.
"In a number of places I have been touring, there are many people who complained about being deprived of their chieftainships. I assure you that in the new Zimbabwe yet to come, chieftainships will be brought back to the rightful heirs," said Chamisa.
He urged the government not to act like Ian Smith who used chiefs as puppets, saying chiefs belonged to the people not the government.
"I told them to leave people's Chief Ndiweni alone because he belongs to the people not government. The culture of abusing chiefs like what Ian Smith did must not continue in this era. If you take a position without taking proper procedures, you must know that it will backfire," he said.

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