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Terms of Reference for Board Manual and Board Induction

Assignment Title: Consultancy to train the Board and staff on Board Manual and Board Induction

Consultant’s Name:

Location of Assignment: Masvingo

Duration of Assignment: 10 days

Dates:  03-06 September 2020

Reports to: Tell Zimbabwe Director/Programs Manager

1.      Background:

Tell Zimbabwe Trust is implementing social accountability programs in Masvingo and Manicaland Provinces under the following key objectives:


Tell Zimbabwe fully appreciates that for these objectives to be actualized there ought to be an effective board that fully understands its mandate. The board that is fully aware of its role and duties will be in a better position to help Tell Zimbabwe Trust to fully implement its project in the aforementioned provinces. It is against this background that Tell Zimbabwe Trust seeks to have its board inducted and oriented as a way of strengthening the board to be able to effectively perform its duty.


2.     Purpose:

The purpose of this assignment is the development of a Performance Management system for Tell Zimbabwe with a view to enhancing efficiency in the execution of its activities.


3.     Objectives:

The objectives of this assignment are to:                                                                                       

·          Provide training to Tell Zimbabwe Board and staff on a Board Manual and Board Induction


4.     Roles and Responsibilities of Consultant:

In undertaking the above assignment, the Consultant will be required to do the following:

4.1 Meet with management or appropriate staff for documents review

4.2. Develop training materials

4.3. Workshop with Tell Zimbabwe Board and Staff


5.     Deliverables:

a) Workshop on Board Manual and Board Induction


b) Board Manual Report


c) Board Induction Report


6. Scheduling: The assignment should be conducted within September 2020.


Time (days or hours)

Inception meeting with Tell Zimbabwe staff.

1 day

Organisational research on policies and procedures.

1 days

Engagement with Tell Zimbabwe Trust board and staff for induction and orientation training.

6 days

Drafting report

2 day

Incorporating Tell Zimbabwe comments and finalizing


Total LOE: 10 days

7 Payment: Payment is only made after successful completion of the task and submission of an approved Manual.

8 Role of Tell Zimbabwe: Provide the consultant with all the necessary documents and support.

9 Reporting: The consultant will perform all the  tasks under the general supervision of the Tell Zimbabwe            director

Qualifications and Experience


10.1 All qualified individuals with relevant experience in performance management are encouraged to apply.

10.2 Five years experience in developing a Board Manual.

10.3 Very strong interpersonal and communication skills

11. Application Process

Please submit an expression of interest and CV to the director on the following e-mails:  Cc and by 15/08/20.

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