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Dear readers I hope I find you well and Covid-19 free. Life in Zimbabwe is full of drama, ups and downs but ukazviteedzera unofa nebp. The only notable thing we can be happy about is that Covid-19 has shown mercy on us. Kudenga kuna Mwari and he will not let us walk alone. Imagine if Covid-19 had unleashed its full wrath on us, taipera tese kuti tsvai. If Covid-19 hits a hungry person who is being tormented by Zanu PF the end result will be catastrophic kkkkk. But we have flattened the curve and it is time to remove the curfew and other regulations which can be abused by Zanu PF for political expediency. People should now be allowed to move freely and go about their businesses as usual but knowing that if they are reckless they will pay the ultimate price. We do not want to see the security forces on our roads on the pretext of enforcing lockdown when in fact they are protecting one paranoid man who is afraid of his own shadow. Mapombi can tell you that muchinda anonzi Dambudzo is very paranoid which is why muchiona the people’s army yabva from barracks and being used on issues best done by our police. The army will soon lose the respect we used to give them. The army is the last line of defense and cheapening them by putting them on our streets and tempting them to be corrupt on our roads will backfire mirai henyu muone.

Remember what happened to the police force under Chihuri. They lost all the credibility and the police uniform was now synonymous to corruption. Regai ndinyarare hangu ini Mapombi. They say ndiri mupengo but akuruma nzeve ndewako. Let what happened in Chivhu be an awakening call. We do not want people to have beef with our brothers and sisters in the military. Some may take the Chivhu shooting on face value but is vana Mapombi we would like to know what really happened. Those two guys who shot soldiers inside a police base were not mere civilians. Ini Mapombi chero mukandipa pfuti I will never point it to a soldier much less inside a police base, then take their guns and not run away. Vaitembei vakomana vaya. If it was Mapombi who had in the wildest and unimaginable of circumstance’s shot at soldiers, I would have walked all the way across the Limpopo because ndinenge ndichiziva ndarova shumba nembama. The police tell us their side of the story on how the incident happened but I believe there is more to the story than they are making us believe. Maybe vanhu vanga varohwa nemusombodyiya vakafunga kupinda nemwenje mudziva. But why target the army boys only vachisiya mapurisa aivemo. It seems the shooters were on a mission. But we will never know because they are not here to tell us why they did it. They were killed by a joint operation of the army and police. Of course we knew the military would come out full force and send a statement that their people are off limits. Musajairira vana mukoma munokuvara kkkk. Chero mabhema grade rerudzii just know soldiers and police are not punching bags. Munogona kujairira henyu police but vana mukoma vanorova.

I heard vamwe vachiti the shooters were shooting at a 45 degree angle but the soldiers jumped in the way of bullets and got hit kkkk. Zvakamboitika rimwe gore kuHarare and people died so maybe it’s what happened in Chivhu but again what do we know zvedu isu vana Mapombi tinorarira maputi nemabanana akaora. In this country it is difficult to tell between right or wrong and sometimes if you are wrong you get a lot of praises and if you are right it is the exact opposite. Vana Hopewell and Chin’ono can testify to this. They languished in remand for speaking and exposing corruption. There is no freedom after expression but ini Mapombi havandigoni kkkkk ndiri kutamba hangu. Varume vanotyisa ava. Ndinoswera ndatsvairwa hangu. At least I am happy Kurauone has been released. 42 days in remand is not a joke especially uchipomerwa mhosva isina mature ese. Enjoy your freedom Cde Kurauone. Go back to your wife and kids. A lot of people have strolled down this path before fighting Zanu PF but they are dead asi Zanu PF ichingoripo inchingotonga ichingotonga isu tichingotongeka. Rest in peace Mogiza. Chamatama fought hard against Zanu PF but he paid the ultimate price. So sometimes it is better to be alive than to be a dead hero. Remember that Zanu PF is not going anywhere. We may try to do all the gymnastics but as long as they have the army behind them I am telling you here and now that standing against them will bring misery and pain to yourself and loved ones. Zanu PF has so much experience in winning, retaining and consolidating power. Power is so much more important to Zanu PF than anything else and anyone or anything that stands in the way between Zanu PF and power will pay the ultimate price.

I hear a lot of people are hopping that things will change after the South African ANC high powered delegation visit. Fellow Zimbabweans I am here to tell you that chakachenjedza ndechakatanga. Rimwe gore kwakamboita yainzi Montlanthe Commission chaired by the same South Africans but hapana chakabuda. They just came and had tea with Zanu PF and slept in our hotels and came up with recommendations which were never implemented. Saka musafarira henyu muchiti pane zvichabuda. Makudo ndemamwe. To those who listened to the press conference after the meeting with Zanu PF chefs I am sure you heard that Magashule guy saying there is no crisis in Zimbabwe. What do you know iwe Magashule? How did you arrive at that standpoint? You have a one sided meeting and you are already jumping to conclusions. There is a crisis in Zimbabwe and that’s a fact. What we are facing are not challenges but a crisis in every sense of the word. We are in trouble and please go tell Ramaphosa that there is a deep crisis in the country. Our people are in prison though we are at our homes. We are all under house arrest. South Africa does not want to see a prosperous Zimbabwe because that would mean we will no longer be dependent on them. We boost the South African economy and that’s a fact. They just met with Zanu PF and left promising to meet the other stakeholders when they come back for yet another visit.

How long can we wait for them to come back while we suffer? The ANC would rather bury its head in the sand and watch Dambudzo destroy our lives. It is naivety to think that he solution to our crisis will ever come from outside. We are our own liberators and until we realize that we shall keep suffering. Ini Mapombi ndakakuudzai kuti I don’t have the guts to stand up to Zanu PF because I am not yet ready to leave this earth. The only solution to the current crisis is for Chamisa and Mnangagwa to sit down and have a brother to brother conversation which will take the country forward. We do not need ANC or anyone to come and solve our crisis. We do not need Polad to end this crisis. We just have to put Chamisa and Mnangagwa in one room and lock them in until they resolve their differences. We need each other despite of our political differences. There is a crisis in Zimbabwe and ANC cannot come and tell us that we have challenges. Our crisis needs a home grown solution. Chamisa and Mnangagwa must stop massaging their big egos and find one another. I have said enough regai hangu ndinokanga hangu maputi angu for lunch but before I go I want to say good going to our health minister Generari Chiwenga. No one should go abroad for medication. Gadzirisai zvipatara zvedu murapwe muno. I hope imi Generari hatikuoniyi moti tucha tucha makananga China. Mboko imboko.



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