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Mapombi is back again ndichiti mufaro kwamuri kumativi mana enyika. Kotsvo paZion, Shalom paFOG fire apo. These so called man of cloth never cease to amaze Mapombi. Hapanawo here anokwanisa kutaura against the ills and rot in our country. Nyika yotsva here makatarisa nhai baba Guti, Mutendi, Magaya, Makandiwa nemi vaWutawunashe. Hosiah Chipanga uriko here uko. VaMukanya makati nyika yataichemera nhasi yava mamvemve. We are in trouble and nyika yoenda kumawere. I do not know how we have found ourselves in this situation. Munoreva here vana veZimbabwe kuti tingatambiswa nhova nemunhu umwe chete, one paranoid man. Where are the heroes of today? Job Sikhala where are you? It is time you stand up and fight for your people. Chamisa chii chiri kukumisa kuti upe vana veZimbabwe a signal. You promised to give us a signal but all you have done thus far is hide in your shell and we wonder if the signal is ever coming. Tsviyo tsviyo mukoma Dhagi muriko here uko kkkkk. Hanzi maifunga kuti hamudzingiki but murikupera one one. Mwonzora chawakaitirwa naChamisa chakaoma. But what do we know hedu isu vana Mapombi. Regai zvizhakane.

I hear there was a fake doctor in one of our major hospitals and I wonder how this could be possible. Shuwa shuwa here kuita experiment with people’s lives muchidaro varume. How can a fake doctor practice for six months without anyone noticing? This goes to show that no one cares anymore. Chero hwindi anogona kungouya kuzorapa vanhu achitoita maoperation kkkkk. Tipei maserious imi vanhu. But since everything is fake in this country why should we be shocked by fake doctors. We have fake Dr Chiwenga, fake Dr Gire, fake Chamisa, fake ED and I mean fake everything. No one gives a shit about the other person. Yangova indodha siyazibonela hameno kana ndagona Ndex yacho. I don’t blame the guy because he came wanting to help our people because the so called doctors vanga vari on strike. The fake doctor decided to do something about it. At least let us give him the credit yekuita stand up and do something. Most of us are good at criticizing heee ED atadza heee Chamisa this and that but hapana kana ane maguts to stand up and do something. Teachers are on strike and would you blame a fake teacher anouya oti anoda hake kudzidzisa kkkkk. Vasingazivi ngavadzidziswe. A lot of people believe that what we are witnessing are the signs for the last days of Robert Mugabe ahhh sorry I mean Emmerson Dambudzo. Let me assure the nation that ED is not going anywhere and he is going to win in 2023 without breaking even a sweat. Ko ED angavhundutswa nekeduChamisa here kkkkk. Pane vandabata apa. Tiri tese here vana vesangano kkkk. If you are there repeat after me “Pamberi nemusangano unotonga” kkkk.

So I heard that the lands commission has been doing rounds in the country visiting all urban councils and was in town recently. If these guys are serious then many heads will roll because I’m reliably informed they opened a bucket not can of worms paMasvingo City Council. Mapamula hama yangu uri safe here kkkkkkkk? This visit will surely expose the rot at Urban Councils where corruption, looting and vested political interests have been rampant costing residents’ quality service delivery while some few individuals benefit. This cancer must be tamed before it quickly spreads to Rural District Councils. Hopefully there won’t be sacred cows and a catch and release because this has been the norm especially on land scandals which suck in Zanu PF bigwigs. Lands Commission I’m warning you, don’t sweep this under the carpet. Ini Mapombi mungandiona ndinouyapo paKanzuru ipapo kuzokurura nguwo. I heard kuti vana Housing Director mukoma Nzvura havana kana stand imwe iri muzita ravo kkkk, deputy housing director Cde Mandi vakatorawo yavo stand kuEastvale uko pasina kana kubhadhara kana kobiri. VaChiteme hanzi vakangoita abhurakadhabhura kwakutopihwa zvavo stand for a service station in Rujeko. Ko vanonzi Madzibaba Reginai vakangokanda nhombo everyone ototi amen baba kkkk. Hanziwo Manyanga akapihwa stand kwakutengesa akatenga combi nerimwe ziBenz hameno ndere gore ripi kkk. Pakaora pakanzuru apo regai zvedu isu vana Mapombi timirire report yacho.

Dear readers do you remember mumwe muchinda achiti the voice of the people is the voice of God? He said I am a listening President but Mapombi is here to tell you that Emmerson does not have ears at all. He does not listen to anyone. Ndiri kuona hangu twumwe twuchiti pwetere pwetere hanzi heee toda kuita anti-sanctions gala. Have you guys lost your minds? Can someone come here and explain how sanctions are really hurting ini zvangu Mapombi kuno kuChitima. The only sanction which is hurting us is Zanu PF and its thievery culture. The country is bleeding due to corruption. Why do you cry to play with someone asingadi kutamba nesu. Tambai neChina yenyu yamakada please. Siyanai naTrump atoriwo nezvake zviri kumunetsa. Remember America is having its elections on November 4 and Mapombi is confident Trump will win again. Joe Biden is close yes but the Donald will be voted for because he will make America Great Again. Trump does not care what is happening on this part of the country saka zvenyu zvekuti anti-sanctions gala itai mega. We know the truth and you will not lie to us anymore. You can lie to your shallow youth but not Mapombi. Zanu PF is responsible for this mess and it is only Zanu PF which can get us out of it by arresting corruption, implementing the electoral reforms, respect human rights, and observe the constitution among others. Mr President, your people and you are the ones who have caused the suffering of God’s people. Shamhu yamucharohwa nayo kana adzika Mikairi in minzwa inobaya. SADC please tell Zanu PF to implement the reforms kwete kungoti masanctions abve pasina chaitwa. Stop protecting this dictator and tell him the truth. No reforms no deal.

No amount of dancing or singing can ever remove the sanctions. Why can’t ED and SADC introspect and see why the sanctions are there in the first place. What do you expect when soldiers shoot down innocent civilians in the streets in broad day light? What do you expect when people are arrested for standing up for their rights? What do you expect when people are killed for demanding their freedom? We want a free country which you promised us iwe ED. You took over power and promised to usher in a new dispensation and we all ululated. Where are all those things that you promised us? We had so much hope and little did we know that kubatwa kumeso. We cannot keep crying about sanctions varume. If you feel there are sanctions then make the necessary changes so that they can be removed. Izvi zvenyu zvekuti munopembera because SADC has said it will support the fight for the removal of sanctions ndezvekupenga. America will not be moved by SADC’s solidarity. Where was SADC when our people were being killed at 30 degree angle by the army? Where was SADC when our people were being abducted and tortured by the regime? SADC shut up and forever maintain your peace. We do not want your help because you are just there to defend this brutal regime. Sanctions will always be there until Zanu PF realizes that they need to repent. Unondinzwa here iwe Mthuli Ncube musoro bhangu. I have said enough regai zvangu ndinokanga maputi angu for lunch. Mapombi is out. Mboko imboko.

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