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Mapombi has been fasting for three days after mai vedu, amai, mhamha Auxy called on all women to fast for this country as Covid, Covivi, Covildo has hit the highest offices. Dear Lord God protect our country. Protect the poor man, women and children who are suffering under the imposed national lockdown. Let Covid-19 deal with those who run down our health delivery system. These are the same people who said hurumende yavo yakaisvonaka zvekuti chero kudenga hakuna yakadaro. These are the same people who built mortuaries when our economy was dying hanzi ndakaisa ruoko ende inotonhorera kkk kuseka nhamo serugare. Mwari pindirai pasi rapinda pakuparadzwa with this so called China virus. But Auxy please stop telling us to fast when we have been fasting for all our lives. We are fasting not by choice but because we have no food.

Iwe wagutisa hako kuState House kwenyu ikoko, moita maparty against all Covid-19 guidelines then morohwa with Covid-19 and then, without any shame, come to us and tell us to help you fast- usadaro iwe. Where were you when your husband Emmerson decided to lock people up in their homes for 30 days without even bothering to think what people will eat. Our people live one day at a time and locking them up without giving them any aid is atrocious. You have been wining and dining during the festive season muchitidadira isu vana Mapombi and some poor people in Mbare organized their own end of year event and you arrested them. Now Karma is dealing with you. I hear machinja have since stopped saying famba Chamisa tiyambuke and are busy saying famba Covid-19 tiyambuke.

Tell me machinja, munoda kuyambuka kuenda kupi chaiko. Musakanganwa chazuro nehope. Remember what happened in 2017 when we all celebrated the removal of Robert Mugabe. What followed was a new dispensation which turned out to be a façade and people started crying to go back to Egypt. Everyone is now saying Mugabe was better and Mapombi asks in what way was the old man, may his soul rest in peace, better. This so called change has proven to be a bad idea so let us just stay nehurumende yedu iyoyi kkkk I know some will say Mapombi is losing her mind but please try to understand where I am coming from, there are no longer any rotten bananas to come by since Chitima chakavharwa. I become delirious sometimes and I end up saying crazy stuff because of hunger. Over the past few days we have seen that Covid-19 has been fishing in the big-fish pond and there is pandemonium kumusoro ikoko. Zvakatadzikwa naChamisa I am sure mukoma Covid can do it better.

Oppah Muchinguri where are you. I have a word or two for you. Do you remember when you said that Covid-19 is a sanction against the West for imposing sanctions on us? What did you mean by that? You knew the truth but decided to play to the gallery for political expediency. The Chinese brought this doomsday virus on the world and you decided to ignore that fact for political bickering. Now that Covid has harvested one of your own close ally Ellen Gwaradzimba you begin to see the light kkkk. I am happy at least that you have acknowledged that the Chinese have threatened the existence of the human race. We know you play with the Chines but please learn to speak truth to power. Rest in Peace Gwaradzimba. You may have been all powerful and stuff but no amount of firepower, security, army or violence can protect this government from what’s coming. Covid-19 is not Chamisa chamunodashura ngendonga choridza mhere. Covid-19 ndichigara matombo matanda anoora. The situation in our country has reached another level.

The Heroes Acre will be full this time mirai henyu muone. Gwaradzimba, Malianga, Matiza, SB Moyo and Zimondi are all gone. Ari saSB Moyo I feel sorry for him. Mugabe is waiting for him on the side neshamhu ine munyu. These guys thought they were larger than death. They thought they had title deeds to this country. Ko mabhachura maviri akaendepiko kkkk. I am not going to mention them by name because zvinokuvadzisa but I know Covid-19 has my back. Covid-19 never disappoints. I want to make it categorically clear that I don’t wish death on anyone. It is my wish to see all Zimbabweans showing compassion towards one another. We are one people. Regardless of our political differences, we swear our allegiances to the flag. When the enemy comes, we should all fight from the same corner. It is this government which made itself public enemy number one. They run down our health delivery system because they sought medical attention outside. Now that Covid-19 has changed all that, we will all die here. Who ever thought that Covid-19 will kill SB Moyo, definitely not Mapombi.

But Zanu PF never learns. Instead of them taking them blame and working to make sure that the people get those vaccines, they have a conspiracy theory hanzi heee there are doctors deliberately killing their officials. Doctors do not kill people iwe Nick Mangwana musoro bhangu. Doctors save lives and what is killing your people is Covid-19. Zimbabweans wish death on all Zanu PF chefs and I don’t honestly blame them. They are right because these are the same people who have caused the suffering of the masses. Be honest with yourself iwe Mangwana and face reality. Covid-19 has killed hundreds of our people and you have not been moved but when it kills a handful of the elite you then start making noise.

Let us not play politics with Covid-19. Every life is sacred. We should not wish death on anyone. On daily basis, Zimbabweans pray and hope that another big wig falls. Chete nothing is normal in Zimbabwe. The government has made itself an enemy of the public and the public only has wishes to their side. They wish that Covid-19 kills every Zanu PF official which is why you see social media killing the likes of Chinamasa and Matemadanda. These guys should ask themselves what they have done to deserve that. I have never heard anyone wishing Mapombi dead. Why would anyone want Mapombi dead kkkk. But kunana ED ikoko haaa the whole nation has its fingers crossed cheering Covid-19 on. It is a wet dream of orgasmic proportion to think that Covid-19 will shift the balance of power. Ndapedza nemi kkkk. Regai zvangu ndinokanga maputi angu for lunch. Mboko imboko.

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