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Happy Valentines to all those in love and those vasiri murudo like Mapombi tongoti pamberi nemusangano unotonga kkkkk. The scarf, t-shirt and cap will carry you through the day. But ideology dzinomboitwa neZanu PF dzakapenga. There is this song with lyrics which goes nyangwe nhamo ikarova, nzara ikaruma, dhuku yangu neskipper zvichandiyambutsa. This is the worst level of brainwashing. How can your stupid t-shirt, scarf and dhuku bring food on the table? I know the youth these days are going by the mantra bvuma kupusa but kumwe kupusiswa hakuzodi kusvika on this level. This is the month of love but to us avid political followers we observe a moment of silence for the late veteran opposition leader, a hero in his own right, Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

I know some may say he was a fake doctor but who cares kana madgree achingopihwa pachena. Vana Dr Killer Zivhu tinawo wani nhasi but unongoona some of their arguments kuti dehenya rizere mhepo. Dr Stop it kkkkk. Where is Grace Mugabe? Dr VP Constantino Chiwenga kkkkk, munoti dzakaita doctorate here dziya. I do not want to say much about Dr Chiwenga because I will be accused of talking too much but we all know the truth kuti ndere kupihwa doctorate riya. Dr Tsvangirai was the only doctor pavarume ava and unfortunately we lost him on Valentine’s Day.  The mountain fell and to all those who wear red on February 14, I hope you will be doing it for Save because izvi zvekupfekera maslay queen hazvina production. We hear Tsvangirai succumbed to colon cancer but what we do not know is where the cancer came from. Your guess is as good as mine. Rest in Power Save. The party you left is in shambles. You were the only one with a vision in your MDC-T but the boys who took over are very greedy and each one of them believes to have a vision which is why we have all these divisions. If more than one person has a vision there is bound to be division which is where we are with Mwonzora and Chamisa.

Ladies and gentlemen I am happy to announce that the Covid-19 vaccine is finally here. The vaccine from our all-weather friends, the Chinese. I do not know what the Chinese want with us to donate the vaccine but we thank them. I hear a lot of people saying we do not want the China vaccine. Who can blame them because the Chinese are the reason why the whole world is needing to be vaccinated? I thought our Finance minister Mthuli Ncube said they have a US$100 million war chest against Covid-19 but all we are seeing are donations. Saka mari yedu yacho yamakaisa on budget ichashandeyi nhai varume? Why are we relying on handouts as if we do not have money to procure our own vaccines? Is the Chinese vaccine for the China virus the best for Zimbabwe? If you look at the countries receiving the donations of the vaccines from the Chinese unoona kuti hapana zviripo. Twunyika twusina nemusoro wese. And I doubt no country on the donations list has the capacity to test the efficacy of the Chinese vaccine.

Nhai baba Mnangagwa, how safe are the vaccines from China? Did you test them to see if they are compatible with our people? How effective is the vaccine? We cannot just wake up to a Boeing 747 loaded with vaccines coming from China yet no one has tested the efficacy of the vaccine. Munoda kuita nzwira pamuviri tsvimbo yarova dapi here with the vaccine. Oppah Muchinguri huya pano mwana wamai. I want you to tell them the truth that this Chinese vaccine should never be trusted. We have our US$100 million, at least that’s what we have been told, so let us use it to buy our own vaccine. Get samples of the vaccines and test them to see if they are compatible with our variant. Zanu PF is trying to gamble with our health. We were ok with zumbani, mufandichimuka, malemon etc etc. we don’t need science to tell us that Chinese vaccine is better than what we have been doing. Let us use our traditional methods to deal with this Covid-19 thing.

If you insist on wanting your Chinese vaccine please bayanai mega kumusoro ikoko. Or better yet, start with all Zanu PF supporters. If something goes wrong at least tinochema tine tariro. ED and his deputies, Mthuli, PV Sibanda, Chimonyo, Elson Moyo, Matanga, Mudha Ncube, Temba Mliswa, Auxilia, July Moyo and all those who make our lives miserable must publicly take the vaccine so that we see for ourselves if we are taking the same vaccine. These guys are too clever, the may give us the Chinese vaccine iwo wachibayana zvavo dzekuAmerica. Pasi neChinese vaccine until you show us clinical tests which shows us the efficacy rate. Why should we take a vaccine that has a 60 percent efficacy rate? It just does not make any sense at all. What guarantee do we have that once you administer those Chinese jabs we would be safe from the virus? The problem we have with the guys on the top is that they want donations too much. If someone says I am coming to donate, they all jump from their chairs but nobody questions the motive behind. No donation is free let Mapombi school you a little bit.

Every donation has a price. You may not see the price in the immediate but just know you will pay. What does China want from Zimbabwe anyway? What are we giving to the Chinese that makes them want to donate vaccine yavo iyoyo? Hama dzangu Mapombi is not saying do not take the vaccine no, all I am saying is that I smell a rate here. We want any vaccine made out of China and Russia. Mapombi speaks for millions of other Zimbabweans out there. The good thing is that that the vaccine will be administered on voluntary basis. We will not let the Chinese colonise our DNA. They are colonizing our economy vachidya zvawo with their friends vana ED but vaccine yenyu hatitori. Over my dead body ndinopika nasekuru vangu vari kwaChirimudombo.

We pray to God that our leaders open their eyes and see what is right in front of their eyes. Hatirambi donations but zvimwe zvacho let us not just accept tisina kumboita our own investigations. If people think kuti Mapombi is yep yepping too much please tell me which other country ine musoro received a donation of the vaccines from China. China has a population almost the size of Africa and they haven’t vaccinated everyone yet they want to donate to us their vaccine. We are doing pretty ok with our traditional methods. These vaccines are just a way to make money and very soon you will hear excuses that the vaccines were rushed when the same people who have been vaccinated start getting infected again. Remember Mapombi’s words.

Ask yourself this, if Covid-19 requires us to wash our hands regularly, social distance and wear face masks, mapenzi mangani amakanzwa akabatwa neCovid-19 yacho. Mapenzi don’t wear face masks, they eat from the bins and don’t wash their hands but they survive Covid-19 and other diseases. Can someone balance this equation? I have said enough regai zvangu ndinokanga maputi angu for lunch. Before I sign off I want to congratulate Home Affairs deputy minister Ruth Maboyi. I won’t say much about this woman but heeeey ED must be serious kkkkk. Mboko imboko. 


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