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» » Dear Chilonga, it is the same Zanu PF you voted for

Since this is a women’s month, Mapombi is in high spirits and happy that she, among millions of other women, are being celebrated across the globe. Madzimai muriko here uko. Mapombi being a woman will fight patriarchy teeth and nail. Hatichadi zvekubatirirwa and it is high time we take over. Men have failed in all aspects. They are only good on populating the world but kana zvava zvekutungamira they have proven beyond reasonable doubt that they are failures. Kana pane ane nharo let us make a case study of Emmerson and Nelson kkkk. What have these two men done to better our lives?

The whole country is crying because of Emmerson and Nelson and I always say it is time for a paradigm shift. Women tisu takawanda so why do we let men ruin everything. We have to make sure that we take over the reins of power. Who can stop us if we support each other? We do not want charity cases where we are given a carrot to chew on while men harvest the entire field. Women I hope tiri tese. We respect men a lot but when it comes to running the country, they have proven to be incompetent. They have rather chosen to ruin everything. Dear women, are you aware that the so called quota system was designed to pacify us. This is the charity case I was talking about.

Look at what Mohadi did when he was in the VP office. He brought shame upon the office and at least I give him credit for doing something which men in Africa would never ever do, resigning. The whole country and world are anxiously waiting to see who will be chosen to occupy the office left vacant. A lot of names have been thrown into the ring but Mapombi is informed that Mohadi’s replacement should come from Zapu. What nonsense is that? I know the Unity Accord is in place but why not shred that document because it is taking us back.

Why should we say one of the VPs should come from Zapu and then the Presidency and another VP post is a preserve for Zanu. That arrangement does not work and it is the biggest reason why we are here today. We are against this arrangement and it should stop forthwith. You Stop It!!! Kkkk. Dr Grace Mugabe where are you? This woman has become so silent and I wonder what she is up to. We celebrate women like Grace Mugabe because she had the charisma and guts to confront patriarchy head on and send shivers down all the male goons who thought that it could not be done.

Happy Women’s Day to you Dr Gire. You are a woman but you showed men that kuita mafootballs is nothing. They needed military guns and artillery to deal with Dr Gire. That is how powerful women can get if given the platform to shine. Tinovatonga varume ava. Kana pane murume atsamwa nazvo huya kuno tipedzerane kkkkk. Hanzi naGire masoja ngaauye nepfuti andipfure kkkkk. Uku kwanga kwava kufarisawo but the fact remains. That woman had intestines I tell you. How can you tell the military to come with guns when you know perfectly well that the army never backs down from a challenge? Dzakazoti dzabuda pfuti dziya wanei Dr Gire was nowhere to be seen. She was silenced ipapo ipapo kkkk. Dr Gire went too far plus akazongofarisawo hake but the fact of the matter remains that women can do much better than men.

It is against the background that Mapombi calls on all women to push for a woman VP to replace Mohadi. We need that seat and we will show men how it is done. Zvenyu zvekuti Unity Accord what what muchingotsvaga mazungairwa kuti aite maVP just because they are from Zapu should stop. We do not want that. Meritocracy should reign supreme. This Zanu and Zapu divide should be disbanded forthwith because it is doing us a massive disservice. We are all Zimbabweans and we should all be accorded equal chances and opportunities. Positions should never be ring fenced like that. Kana kuMatebeleland kune a potential presidential material, then let that person lead kwete kumuvharira panze because of the so called Unity Accord. Why should we have VPs like Mboko ahhh sorry I mean Mphoko and Mohadi? These guys were useless and did not add any value to their offices other than abusing their power. Mphoko dzaitorwa nemapurisa ukuwo Mohadi kuita take take with married women. Mapombi says it is enough. The national chairperson position in Zanu PF was reserved for Zapu members but ikozvino pana Oppah Muchinguri wani. Is she Zapu?

What I am failing to understand is the fact that Mohadi still remains the second secretary in Zanu PF. What does this mean? This is a sign dear readers that we may not get his replacement in government. I think Mohadi struck a deal which leaves him in charge kuparty and lose his government job. If he was genuine he should have resigned both chairs. How many agree that Mapombi should be the next VP. Women rise up and demand that Mapombi take over the chair. Maybe ndingaregawo kudya rotten bananas and maputi for lunch.

Before I sign off let me pass through kuChilonga uko. I hear a lot of noise about thousands of families being evicted from their lands hanzi panoda kurimwa bundo kkkkk. You mean Dendairy has seen it fit to plough Lucerne yavo iyoyo at the expense of our people. How can you come from Midlands to displace our people here? Izvi ndizvo zvairamba the late Shuvai Chikoforo Mahofa. Mahofa would have never allowed that at all, over her dead body. Rest in Power our iron lady. Mugabe once pledged mombe kuAU and then he ordered provinces to contribute towards that donation. It was only Mahofa who stood up to Mugabe and told him point blank that Masvingo haina mombe dzacho kkkkk. I am sure Dendairy would have been told kuti garai kuMidlands kwenyu.

But imiwo vanhu munazvo. Hanzi panotungana dzemudanga maone anenge atanga kkkk. These people in Chilonga voted for Zanu PF do you still remember. And now it is the same Zanu PF which is displacing them. Mapombi does not want to get involved in this fight. What I am failing to understand is why MDC is trying to get involved in this fight. I heard Biti and team went to Chilonga to score cheap political points but little do they know that the Chilonga people are Zanu PF to the core. MDC should watch this fight from the terraces. Izvi zvekuda kukwana pamusingakwani hazvina pundutso imi vana Biti. What kind of a strategy is that? Regai zvikweshane and we will all see the results. Zanu PF is not stupid to play around with votes especially when 2023 is around the corner. Do not say Mapombi did not warn you. I have said enough regai zvangu ndinokanga maputi angu for lunch. Mboko imboko.

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