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Ichasvika nguva yekuti kana usina kubaiwa hauverengi Mapombi kkkkk. What a week it has been. People are being jabbed and others fear the unknown but I do not blame both parties. Vanoda kubaiwa baiwai and vasingadi please regai. This vaccination roll out is not compulsory but voluntary but the million dollar question is how voluntary is voluntary? There is nothing voluntary about it at all. President Dambudzo, a real dambudzo as his name suggests, let the cat out of the bag when he said there will come a time when those who refuse vaccination would not be allowed to access some services like getting jobs or boarding Zupco buses. Where is the voluntary in all this nhai Cde President? You are already threatening our people.

Besides, keep your jobs because isu vana Mapombi takutosvika retirement age tisina kana kumbobata pay slip. Imagine the hopes and dreams I had growing up ndichiti pandinosvika 25 kkkk I think nyaya yacho maibata. You will not force us to be vaccinated with those petty threats Cde President. Keep your Zupcos and we will keep our Zumbani and Mufandichimuka. By the way, was ED jabbed? The President should have been the first person to take the Chinese vaccine so that we would have confidence in it. ED does not even trust this vaccine that is why we have not heard anything about him getting vaccinated. So unoda kuti mwana waani abaiwe iwe usina. Please dear readers let us be careful before we make decisions which have a bearing on how we live the rest of our lives. We all live miserable lives after all saka kusiri kufa ndekupi kkkk jekiseni kumunhu.

I hear our listening President has lifted the lockdown. Mapurisa muriko here uko. These men and women never repent shuwa. The Chihuri syndrome yanga yatorova on these so called roadblocks and checkpoints. Yanga yongova torai mari united. Please Cde President we do not want to see the police on our roads. These guys are poorly remunerated and corruption is the only way for them to make ends meet. They made a killing during this lockdown but chingaperi chinoshura. Ndakaona kamweya kacho kaRigiyoni kanga kaita spill over to the coup boys. Hanzi ukaravidza chembere muto wegwaya inofira mudziva kkkk. The military was joining to corruption brigade on these road blocks and our people were being fleeced of their hard earned money. The Nyanda check point was a cash cow for many officers. Those who did not buy cars or residential stands vane shavi renhamo or mari dzakaperera muchihure kkkk.

Chihure chinogona kusunungura nyika ichi kkkk. Mapombi is not against chihure but my advice to all men and women out there is that please do so muchihwande because the moment the cat is let out from the bag you will resign from your friends, families and jobs. I want to applaud VP Mohadi for taking a bold step and doing the right thing of resigning from the office of the Vice Presidency? It was the right thing to do and I hope others will follow the same footsteps. Themba Mliswa uriko here uko kkkk bhuru reNorton. The precedence set by Mohadi could be what we have all been waiting for. To be honest I never thought Mohadi would resign especially considering the kind of boss he has. When the story first broke out, everyone thought that it was the end of Mohadi but the expected happen. You know this strategy of deny deny deny has a limit. When Mohadi said he was being framed and or his voice was cloned, I realized kuti baba iyi hapana kwairi kuenda.

There was no voice cloning paya. Mohadi dzaicheka madzimai evanhu and that was a fact. Some people are joking on social media hanzi the VP chose to resign than give up on chihure kkkkk. Please dear readers let us not joke about this serious issue. We are talking about the future of our beloved country. At least VP Mohadi had the decency to save his face by stepping down. The only mistake he did was to try and be defensive about this whole issue. We all know that VP Mohadi has no wife and as a man there comes a time when he craves kumbotsotsonya. That is normal but trying to be smart nekuti unopfeka magirazi was the biggest mistake. To think you can take isu vana Mapombi for fools was your undoing iwe Mohadi. Sometimes the truth sets people free. This public relations crisis could have been easily dealt with by the truth. Being defensive only fueled the fire and prompted more digging. Now that VP Mohadi has left office and have all the time to himself outside public scrutiny, I am sure shavi rese richapera. To all women out there, my message is be careful. Someone has decided to give up on the second most important and powerful job in the country to focus on women. Do not be found wanting. Mapombi akurumai nzeve.

What I do not understand is the fact that people are on cloud nine over the resignation of VP Mohadi. Mohadi is a nobody and a political nonentity. Other than zvechihure zvakazongomukawo izvi, Mohadi was just like Perekedza Mboko ahhh sorry Phelekezela Mphoko kkkkk. Mphoko was a mountain of a man but politically he was a nobody just like Mohadi. Zimbabwe can only be liberated if Mnangagwa and Chiwenga decide to one day tender in their resignations. We won’t even miss Mohadi much less notice that he is gone. Mohadi saw himself as next in line to replace ED. What many people fail to realize is that Mohadi is gone because ED wants him gone. This is politics at play and this is how it always starts in Zanu PF. Do you honestly believe that VP Mohadi’s calls could be recorded without the approval of a higher office? He was a setup and unfortunately he fell for the bait. What happened, removing zvechihure and stuff, was a serious breach of security and someone should be seriously worried.

Now all eyes are on who ED will choose to replace Mohadi. I hear a lot of names being thrown into the ring but let me tell you something, ED will not do what everyone is expecting him to do. SK Moyo, Obert Mpofu, Thokozanu Khupe, Oppah Muchinguri, Sthembiso Nyoni, Valerio Sibanda etc are being hyped to take over from Mohadi but ED will pull a shocker. ED will not do the obvious. I know all the people on that list will be lobbying to occupy the second most powerful office in the country. Has anybody ever thought that ED would decide to finish this term with just Chiwenga as his deputy? There are a lot of possibilities here and people are too excited to see the bigger picture. All I can tell you dear readers is that ED will not make the obvious appointment here. Speculate however you want but I see a shocker coming our way. Remember the case of Mphoko. How many of you knew the man? Interesting times lie ahead and ED is in no hurry. I hear someone saying Mapombi is perfectly poised to take over from Mohadi. Pakuda isu madzimai apa. Mapombi for VP kkkk. I have said enough regai zvangu ndione the developments ndakati zete zvangu ndichikanga maputi angu for lunch. I am happy chitima market will be opening soon and rotten bananas are coming my way. Mboko imboko.

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